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Modern Spartan Systems has the most advanced firearm cleaning kits. They help improve accuracy and reliability while reducing cleaning time by 50%. In addition, we also have automotive, fishing, and knives/blade cleaning solutions available.

Our company consists of firearms & ballistics experts, chemists, engineers, defense consultants, business development, legal, and marketing experts. Some of them have military backgrounds and some come from other industries. Each team member is a high character person that is uniquely contributing and committed to making Modern Spartan Systems a great company that will impact many industries.

Our mission is to be recognized as the worldwide leader in contaminant removal and friction reduction technologies for multiple markets (firearms, engines, manufacturing, energy efficiency, hydraulics, etc.) and other unique, value-added, proprietary innovative technologies.

Our products are Amerian made, consist of green formulas, and produce amazing real-world results. Don't just take our word for it, try it for yourself. Better Chemistry, Unmatched Results!

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  • Fingers Jauch Reviews Blade Oil in a VLOG

    Fingers Jauch Reviews Blade Oil in a VLOG

    Fingers talks about Modern Spartan Systems BLADE Oil.  A 100% USA made product.
  • Patriot Clean Fuel Case Study

    Patriot Clean Fuel Case Study

    Patriot Clean Fuel (PCF) conducted an independent test of the TVT product.  The sample vehicles included (3) Dodge Ram 2500 pickup trucks equipped with Cummins Turbo Diesel engines and (1) Ford F350 with 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel.  Two of the Dodge test vehicles have sequential serial numbers and proved to be excellent test vehicles for our inhouse trial.  Our TVT testing started in all vehicles after the break in period of 25,000 miles and spanned through several oil changes to 50,000 miles.
  • Chronograph Evidence - Bullet Consistency

    Chronograph Evidence - Bullet Consistency

    Below is the data from a 300 H&H Magnum.  We put a new barrel on the action, and I broke it in using Hoppes for removing the carbon and Sweets solvent for removing the copper.  We cleaned it again very thoroughly
  • Accuracy Oil White Paper

    Accuracy Oil White Paper

    A key mission critical component for Soldiers is the reliability and performance functionality of their firearms.  A dirty firearm full of carbon and other contaminants compounded by various environmental conditions such as excessive heat, cold, humidity, sand, etc. can distort the accuracy, performance and impede or stop the reliability of that firearm
  • I have never seen a product remove the carbon as easily and effortlessly...

    I have never seen a product remove the carbon as easily and effortlessly...

    I was 1-503rd IN 173rd Airborne out of Italy where I was a Fireteam Leader and Gun Team Leader. I extensively used the carbon destroyer and copper/lead destroyer on my M4 and my gun I was in control of (M240L), I used them on our M249s as well,
  • WOW my gun was FUNKY…

    WOW my gun was FUNKY…

    Raychel Shaw – East Texas Firearms Training / Shoot-Like-A-Girl Part 1) Hey Marcus, I just wanted to let you know I did in fact get some product in! I’ve gone through the cleaning process and let me just say WOW my gun was FUNKY…