Modern Spartan Systems

Who We Are

Our company is made up of firearms & ballistics experts, chemists, engineers, defense consultants, business development, legal and marketing experts. Some of them have military backgrounds and some come from other industries. Each team member is a high character person that is uniquely contributing and committed to making Modern Spartan Systems a great company that will impact many industries.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognized as the world-wide leader in contaminant removal and friction reduction technologies for multiple markets (firearms, engines, manufacturing, energy efficiency, hydraulics…). We want people to know that our “GREEN” formulas will produce amazing “real world” results and benefits wherever they are used.

Values Statement

The core values that we hold in the highest regard are actually virtues. They include: integrity, honesty, loyalty, openness, reliability and commitment to excellence. It is our highest priority to achieve an industry wide reputation as “the company you want to partner with.”

Corporate Guiding Social Principals

We are driven by the love of God (the God of the Bible), love of Country (the United States of America) and love of our family and friends. We are “Founding Father” Constitutionalists, free market, pro-military and pro 2nd amendment advocates. Although we are a business, and not a politically oriented company, you at least know where we stand.

“Different Chemistry – Different Results” is what separates us from the pack. Our philosophy is to communicate that message. We seek to understand the needs of shooters, then develop and deploy our proprietary chemical technologies into the market in a creative and fun way. Our focus is on education of “real world” benefits and building a community of loyal enthusiasts called “Spartan Family” connected by our website, social media and personal relationships.

Modern Spartan Systems Definition of Green Formulas

The term “GREEN” is often overused, misused and certainly misunderstood. With the legal disclosure that anything, including water, can become toxic at certain levels, we want to be clear on our definition of “GREEN”. When we call one of our formulas “GREEN” or earth friendly, we are saying that it is either biodegradable or inert according to EPA standards. Although we are not recommending that you use Accuracy Oil or other products as salad dressing, our formulas are generally safe to work with.

The Reason We Will Succeed

Our products clean better, cut friction better and protect metal better than anything else we know about. Shooters reinforce this message almost every day to us in the form of phenomenal testimonials and endorsements – these quotes from REAL Military HEROES sum this up very well!

Review from Airborne Soldier Hero

While using all products from modern Spartan system, I have gotten nothing by compliments and people wanting to buy your products. Of those, I do nothing but show off and recommend your products and am confident that your products work flawlessly in all conditions because I have used them all in the worst, hardest conditions anyone can put them through. 

Review from SPEC Ops Soldier

The Spartans

In an operation where firearms are required only two things count—consistent accuracy and functionality! My group has tested and used these formulas for over 18 months in the most difficult environments and hostile situations from the tropics to the desert, from the mountains to the jungle. We applied the total MSS system (cleaners and lubricants) to weapons ranging from .338’s to our SS226, from MP5SD’s to our HK MK23’s and M-4’s. We have consistently attained higher velocities, smaller shot groups, cleaner operation and overall greater accuracy from all weapons.

We have had only one functional stoppage in tens of thousands of rounds and that was due to a misguided rock. The Carbon Destroyer cleans better than anything we have ever used. The difference in performance is demonstrative across the board. Take the test yourself, clean your weapon with your normal kit, then clean it again with MSS and see the difference for yourself. I’ll leave the scientific stuff to the scientist. This stuff works in the real world!

Thom Hawke – military