I have never seen a product remove the carbon as easily and effortlessly...
I'm really sorry to just now be putting this together for you but wanted to use your products a little more before sending it. I contacted you thanks to a friend (Steve Gaspar) and you sent out a starter kit that I have done nothing but use the hell out of on all sorts of weapon systems.  

I was 1-503rd IN 173rd Airborne out of Italy where I was a Fireteam Leader and Gun Team Leader. I extensively used the carbon destroyer and copper/lead destroyer on my M4 and my gun I was in control of (M240L), I used them on our M249s as well, but the M240 was mine and so I was selfish. I would first use break cleaner to remove any surface carbon and copper, afrer that I would apply carbon destroyer as intended. The remaining carbon would wipe off with a cloth. I would repeat the process with the copper destroyer in certain areas with amazing results. I have never seen a product remove the carbon as easily and effortlessly as the carbon destroyer. It is a very impressive product that had everyone amazed and wanting to buy it after I would talk about it then show what it was doing.

Now for the accuracy oil. The stuff is pretty badass. Unfortunately I can't necessarily say it has made 3" guns into 1/2" guns, but I can tell you it has made rough actions smooth and smooth actions like butter. I'm currently service in the 82nd Airborne as a Designated Marksman with small team for 1st Brigade Recon. I have coated the actions and barrel of our M2010s and M110s, both have substantially smoother actions now. I have used it on my personal LaRue OBR and Custom 300Norma with both of those rifles shooting 1/4" and being butter smooth thanks to the accuracy oil. 

I have used Crystal clear on about every type of lense available from my Oakley eyepro to million dollar optic systems, however I mainly use it on our long guns and spotting optics. I have never had a problem with the coatings causing discoloration or streaks. It has cleaned all surfaces and made them as clear as possible with very little effort. I use it on everything.

While using all products from modern Spartan system, I have gotten nothing by compliments and people wanting to buy your products. Of those, I do nothing but show off and recommend your products and am confident that your products work flawlessly in all conditions because I have used them all in the worst, hardest conditions anyone can put them through. 

Thank you for the sample kit I got so long ago and thank you for making amazing products. I hope this helps in some way and goes to show your products are kick-ass and there is nothing else on the market like them (trust me, I have tried them all). 

Thank You - Phillip Decker