Who Are We?

Risen Citizen is a place for people to be entertained and learn skills pertaining to self-reliance and growth, whether that growth be health, relationships, spiritual, mental, etc. It is a community of people that are willing to share knowledge and use that knowledge to the betterment of ourselves as individuals, as well as those around us. Topics cover firearms, reloading, hunting, cooking, camping, etc. Everyone is welcome, but this is a place of unity and freedom, not segregation and degradation of others.

Why We Partnered with Modern Spartan Systems

I like MSS products because once I opened and tested my first bottle of one of your products, I have kept using it since. Sometimes, I will try something and be unimpressed, but your products have continued to perform as advertised and that keeps me using them. I have even started using products frequently from MSS that I didn’t even think I needed or had a use for!

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