Charlie Melton – Charlie Mike Precision and US Navy Seal Sniper & Sniper Instructor

Charlie Melton - Charlie Mike Precision and US Navy Seal Sniper & Sniper Instructor

“Modern Spartan Systems Spartan Lube is an amazing product. It will tighten your groups and extend the life of your barrel and firearm. I’ve been using it for about 6 months on my precision rifles and it is amazing.”

Charlie Melton

Dawn Allen – Copyeditor, Firearms Enthusiast, Friend of NRA Committee Member

Dawn Allen - Copyeditor, Firearms Enthusiast, Friend of NRA Committee Member

Review of Modern Spartan Systems:

  • Spartan Accuracy Oil
  • Carbon Destroyer
  • Copper/Lead Destroyer

After watching the online videos and speaking with Marcus of Modern Spartan Systems, we were anxious to try the products on our firearms. We cleaned our handguns in preparation for a night at the range with friends. We particularly wanted to focus on seeing the difference Modern Spartan Systems would make on our Ruger SR 1911 .45 caliber. Following the procedures, we cleaned the Ruger with the Copper/Lead Destroyer and then the Carbon Destroyer, followed by the Spartan Accuracy Oil before we left for the range. Once at the range, after firing the fourth round through the 1911, we again used the Carbon Destroyer, followed by the Spartan Accuracy Oil. We repeated this procedure three times. At the end of the third cleaning, there was noticeably less residue on our cleaning patch. One of our shooting pals asked about my groupings, and commented on how he couldn’t believe how much improved they were over my norm. In addition, after we finished up our testing, it was apparent that the 1911 had much less residue than normal. The stainless barrel on the 1911 tends to really show residue, but for a change it was shiny and clean. We’re sold on the products, and look forward to treating the rest of our arsenal with Spartan systems.

Dawn Allen
Copyeditor, Firearms Enthusiast, Friend of NRA Committee Member

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

Dear Mr. Justin, I received your pack of products and was anxious to test them out. I have a .357 revolver (chrome) and I always have a problem cleaning the spot where the barrel meets the cylinder. I am pretty particular about cleaning my weapons. I clean them very well after each usage, even if it was just one round. I have tried many different products through the years, and have been using Breakfree CLP. I took some of your Modern Spartan Systems Carbon Destroyer and put it on a cleaning patch. I rubbed the gun surface with the patch (using my fingers and not a brush or tool) and started working the area to clean it. The areas that have always been black (due to a lot of shooting) started to come clean. I kept rubbing and realized I needed another patch because this one was black. I have never had this happen before. I kept rubbing and working the black out of the small cracks too. This took about 20 minutes in all. I will admit I was skeptical at first, but I am open minded enough to try new things. I am very happy that I have tried your Carbon Destroyer. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. so I have included a picture of the clean weapon and the dirty patches. This says it all. I can’t wait to test the Accuracy Oil. Thank you for a great cleaner (Carbon Destroyer) the name says it all.

Steve Wright

Michael – President of Tactical Fire Controls, Inc.

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

“Assembly lube of choice is Modern Spartan System Spartan Accuracy Oil. Honestly this lubricant completely stood out against everything else. The technology is fantastic; the bolt carrier group I used it on is approaching 2000 rounds without cleaning and more importantly without failure.”


Johnny – Customer

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

Marcus, I received my order a few weeks back and decided the pistol I was going to try these three products on was my older Series 70 Colt 1911. First thing I did was completely clean the pistol with the Modern Spartan Systems Carbon Destroyer and it did a fantastic job. The only place I used the Modern Spartan Systems Accuracy Oil was on the hammer pivot and the inside of the barrel, everything else got the Accuracy Grease. I knew I would not get to the range for a few days, so for the barrel I applied the oil then heated it with a hair dryer for about 20 minutes, let it cool and applied again. I did this for 5 applications. Once I got to the range I applied the oil after every magazine for five magazines. I can tell a difference in the groupings from every distance I fired the pistol and the more I used it, the tighter the groupings got. But, the main thing I noticed is the overall smoothness of the pistol. The way the slide racks, the way it recycles, and the accuracy. I am very pleased with your product and plan to use it on all of my pistols and revolvers. Thanks for the excellent product.


Tim – 20 Years Military

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

Morning Marcus… Well, got some range time in this weekend and dumped about 1000 rounds of 5.56, 9mm, 45LC and 22LR… Everything functioned flawlessly as expected. Got reprimanded by range staff for some rapid fire but all in all, had a great time. I will say, the cleaning time was DRASTICALLY reduced and had 4 Glocks, 5 ARs, one 45LC carbine and one 45LC revolver striped, cleaned, lubed and reassembled in under an hour by myself… That carbon destroyer is AMAZING!!! I would have given a kidney for this stuff when I was marine infantry….lol… It also cleaned 2 conversion kits we ran and pulled off carbon that had been caked on for a year… without having to scrape it… I used a soft tooth brush and it came right off… The accuracy grease made my lever action 45 feel like it was on roller bearings… I split it up into 10ml bottles I had in the garage and passed it out to a few people who were just as impressed as I was… I still haven’t had the chance to use the TVT in the rear differential I told you about but hopefully I’ll take care of that soon… I did manage to get a few video clips of the expressions on the guys faces after they cycled their weapons from CLP to the Modern Spartan Systems accuracy oil and it’s priceless…lol… All smiles and a lot of cussing (typical military)….lol… Thanks again!!!


Brandon – Customer

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

Marcus and Justin, Thanks for the time to talk today Marcus. David and I are looking forward to the future. I must tell you this… I stopped by my friend’s gun shop this afternoon and talked to him about your product. Specifically the oil….. I handed him over my bottle that you sent and he just looked at it as any normal bottle…. As I said in our conversation. He is an Avid FrogLube user….. So I said. Hey man… there isn’t a lot of people in the shop right now… let’s run a little test… So I had him put a piece of bar stock in the lathe. We fired it up to its top speed and began testing oils and lubes by pressing a smaller piece of stock onto the surface of the stock in the lathe….. His jaw hit the floor when we did the test using the Modern Spartan Systems Accuracy oil…… He really didn’t know what to say. Nor did I really. Holy Crap it is like magic…. So Needless to say I will be doing this Demonstration on video for our website and my YouTube Channel. He asked to see the price list so I do believe he wants to try selling in his store…


Brian Davis – customer

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

I‘m Brian Davis, for the last five years, I’ve been using an experimental gun lubricant. This is long before, this revolutionary product was available to the public market place. This product is Modern Spartan Systems Spartan Accuracy Oil. What makes Spartan Accuracy Oil so different? It actually reworks the metal in the barrel. What this means is, the lubricant penetrates the metal up to 12 microns. It penetrates at molecular level. So, even though the metal appears smooth to the naked eye, under a microscope it is still rough. What Spartan Accuracy Oil does is actually, fills in the rough spots, from high to the low. As the bullet travels down the barrel, it takes off those high ridges and deposits the metal in those low spots. It smooths out the barrel. This increases the velocity and accuracy. It also extends the barrel life by at least 5 times. WOW! The really interesting thing is, the more you use Spartan Accuracy Oil the better it performs. It will take a box of shells to have your barrel reworked. That’s when you will really see how the performance will take effect. I recommend to break in your rifle before using Spartan Accuracy Oil. That will give your base line for your performance check. The other interesting point for Spartan Accuracy Oil is cold weather performance. After you apply Spartan Accuracy Oil and let it set for a few minutes, you wipe it dry. This allows the Spartan Accuracy Oil to penetrate the metal. A dry gun does not pick up dust! It helps your gun NOT to STICK, in cold weather. I have had NO PROBLEMS in firing my rifles down to -35 degrees F. No sticking firing pin and no sticking bolt. Before using Spartan Accuracy Oil™ I can’t say the same thing. I had typical cold weather problems. Now, I have had no problems. I have two main hunting rifles, with which I hunt, and I do hunt. In a typical year I hunt over 100 days. Forty plus days archery and sixty plus rifle. I hunt trophy only. I see more animals than most but rarely shoot. I love the hunt! The two rifles, I hunt with are older slide tang Ruger M77’s, a 300 Win Mag and a 30-06 mountain rifle ultra light. The 300 Win Mag has a 24 inch barrel. I shoot 180 grain boat tail spitzers, with 72 grains of IMR 4831 powder and CCI magnum primers. The manual says it should shoot at 2951 ft/sec. Before Spartan Accuracy Oil, I averaged 2942 ft/sec. After Spartan Accuracy Oil the velocity average is 3186 ft/sec. This is the same load. I have no signs of excess pressure on the brass. This rifle is set up for long range shooting. It has a Leupold VX III 6.5 X 20 power scope with a turret and dial good out 1000 yards. At 300 yards I have hit inside a silver dollar sized target 3 out of 3 shots. I have taken a 6X6 bull elk at 724 yards, according to my Leica range finder, with one shot. Spartan Accuracy Oil™ is Performance I Have Proved. The 30-06 Ruger has 19 ¾ inch light barrel, it weighs 6 ¼ pounds empty without my 2 X 7 Leupold scope. This is the rifle I use in thick timber. I have killed bull elk out to 550 yards with this rifle. I have used this rifle for thirty years. I know this weapon! 550 yards is as far as I feel comfortable about hitting my target with this rifle. I shoot 180 grain boat tail spitzers, with 56 grains of IMR 4831 powder, and CCI large rifle primers. The manual says, with a 24 inch barrel it should shoot 2684 ft/sec. Before Spartan Accuracy Oil, the velocity was about 2590 ft/sec. With Spartan Accuracy Oil I’m shooting with an average velocity of 2713 ft/sec. I have a very light rifle with more knock down power than its full size cousin. This again, is Performance I Have Proved. – I’m Brian Davis, I’m 59 years old. The first time I shot a rifle I was 3 years old. It was a 22 rifle. I shot a gallon Clorox bottle off a fence post on our farm near Lava Hot Spring, Idaho. I remember it well. I have been an avid shooter all my life. At age 12 I earned my own 22 Remington single shot rifle. That was earliest my mother would allow me to have my own gun. Today I am the local president of the Bitterroot Long Beards and on the state board of directors for the National Wild Turkey Federation, for the last 6 years. I give lectures on elk calling and hunting. I wrote the Ten Commandments of Elk Hunting. In September 2010 Hunting Illustrated published my article on these Ten Commandments. It is the largest article they have ever published, over 6000 words. I attest to the truthfulness of this statement of facts.

Brian Davis

Howard L. Massingill, Jr. – Sergeant Major, US Army Special Forces (Retired)

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

Let me start by saying that I am a retired 26 year Army Special Forces veteran, gunsmith and certified firearms instructor. This past summer (2014) I served as the gunsmith at the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM. My daily duties were the care and upkeep of over 60 rifles, pistols and shotguns, which included, bolt action and lever rifles, SAA revolvers, and O/U shotguns. These firearms see close to 23,000 scouts a year and earn their money. During this time I had spoken to Marcus from Modern Spartan Systems on the phone and gotten samples of Carbon Destroyer, Accuracy Oil… I followed their protocol and used the products on our bolt action rifles as a test against their claims. The results were amazing. There was a stark improvement in the accuracy and function of the five bolt action rifles that were used daily at the ranch by the Scouts. I am completely sold on their technologies and “system”, as are the men that run the Philmont Scout Ranch. I highly recommend their use on all firearms!

Howard L. Massingill, Jr.
US Army Special Forces

James E. – Competitive Shooter

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

To whom it may concern, I received a small trial of your product at the zombies in the Heartland 3-gun match this year. Due to the fact I had a dead red dot sight on my rifle and was trying to make the win without a functional red-dot, and because I had a new Mossberg 930 SPX that was not cycling properly, I did not try your product at the match especially since I am a skeptic of new products by nature. I recently read the enclosed cards and because it had a lot of technical jargon, that I have seen other fly by night companies use to try to sound like they had a superior product, I decided to set out to prove it to be baseless claims. I recently put your product to the test on my M-14, and both my sniper rifles while down field training. My hopes were that with flying dust and debris, and a high amount of rounds fired, that I could make your product fail and to prove it could not clean HEAVY carbon fouling. After 3,000 rounds fired combined from my M-14 and M-16, I then used the Modern Spartan Systems Carbon Destroyer. Expecting to have major issues with cleaning, I was VERY surprised at how it removed the carbon from the bolt face, chamber, and gas piston like it was never fired and with only one wipe. It took 2 other patches with NO scrubbing, or hard work to fully clean the weapons. I then used the same on my sniper rifles and silencer baffles with same results as before. At this point I decided to use the Accuracy Oil. I expected the next day for it to attract a lot of dirt and debris. I was very surprised at how perfectly it allowed the weapons to cycle smoothly and was quite shocked that your product attracted LESS dirt and debris than the Otis dry lube c.l.p. that I typically use. As a result after returning I decided to take my Moss berg 930 SPX. Out and see how it would perform after using your product. I used the Carbon Destroyer to clean the piston, etc. then because the piston did not move freely (which I suspect is from the watchdog camo pattern that is applied to it), I used your Accuracy Oil. HOLY SHIT!!!, just 2 drops that I ran around the piston with my finger, and I replaced the piston into the barrel only to have it FALL OUT while trying to re-install the barrel. I finally got my weapon put back together, and took it to the range. it cycled so perfectly that it chewed through low brass target rounds, low brass light loads, low brass number 7 7.5 and 8, high brass, military breach rounds, and even cheap chi-com low brass shells. It did so with such reliability and accuracy that it was like an ak-47 in how it spit the ammo out – like it was hungry. It made me wish I had used your product at the shoot as it would have at least fixed my shotgun woes and would have put me in the running on stages where I could use shotgun and pistol. As a result of how much your product has impressed me; I just ordered one of your Starter Kits that also comes with the Accuracy Grease (as I’m excited to see how my m-14 performs after lubing the bolt roller with the grease). I will be recommending your product to everyone I know, and having anyone experiencing weapons issues try your product before taking to the armorer or, if a personal weapon, before taking to a gunsmith. You truly have a product that is exceptional quality and proved that it was not just fancy words trying to make a quick buck, but was truly backed up by how well it performs.

James E.

John A. Groff – Cpt, US Army (Retired)

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

I am very impressed with your new Accuracy Oil. I started my career in the military as a E-1 nothing and retired after twenty years as an O-3E. I have used just about every type of lube on the market. I was in a gun store the other day and picked up an AR. When I pulled the charging handle back, it was so SMOOTH! I told the owner, I have to have this rifle, I’ve never felt one so smooth. He told me that it was the lube. I told him that he was full of it. He then proceeded to get another AR down and lubed it with your Accuracy Oil. What a difference a few drops of a good lube can make! I have never seen anything like it. I put some on my 1911 and my AR, my buddies can’t believe the difference. I’ll definitely be ordering more of this chemical magic! Thanks for making such a great product and selling it at such a great price. I’ll be spreading the word.

John A. Groff
US Army

Rissa West – Weatherbyman

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

We are unbiased and have tested many products in our Hyper Velocity weapons and no other products worked as well. We are honored to know you and we appreciate the FB Friendship. You may share and re-post these comments. Your products work and work so well we are recommending them as standard products with our rifles and premium kits for our customers. The 30-378 is very tough on rifles even our full out customs but your products help to dramatically reduce barrel and throat wear and we have proven this over 1,000 rounds on a barrel that was already shot 1,000 rounds. Standard life of the barrel is 700 rounds and the accuracy is still outstanding. We are shooting well out to 700 -1,000 yards weekly and the group size has improved at over 2,000 rounds on a barrel designed for 700 rounds and we are still grouping about 6.7″ at 1,000 yards and .478″ at 300 yards. I would confirm your product works.

Rissa West

Thom Hawke – Military

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

The Spartans In an operation where firearms are required only two things count—consistent accuracy and functionality! My group has tested and used these formulas for over 18 months in the most difficult environments and hostile situations from the tropics to the desert, from the mountains to the jungle. We applied the total MSS system (cleaners and lubricants) to weapons ranging from .338’s to our SS226, from MP5SD’s to our HK MK23’s and M-4’s. We have consistently attained higher velocities, smaller shot groups, cleaner operation and overall greater accuracy from all weapons. We have had only one functional stoppage in tens of thousands of rounds and that was due to a misguided rock. It cleans better than anything we have ever used especially the copper/ lead cleaner. The difference in performance is demonstrative across the board. Take the test yourself, clean your weapon with your normal kit, then clean it again with MSS and see the difference for yourself. I’ll leave the scientific stuff to the scientist. This stuff works in the real world!

Thom Hawke


Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

For anyone who has ever relied on a piece of steel to keep them alive in a bad spot I direct this at you, if you haven’t seen it Modern Spartan Systems is a company with intentions to keep your stuff functioning at those moments where there can’t be a letdown. This company has gone above and beyond in protecting the Marines of 2/2 before our last deployment to “Trashghanistan”

Ian M.

Jim Gruening – Gunsmith

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

Dear Justin McConnell, I am an employee and gunsmithing student at Trinidad State Junior College. We’ve received a sample package of your products so I, along with other staff and students, have used them and I have received only positive feedback. I’ve decided that your accuracy oil is by far the best I’ve ever used and I’m prepared to make it my new permanent oil. I will continue to hand out the last of the sample packs I have and spread the word on a great working line of products. Please keep Trinidad State Junior College in mind and we will be open to any additional samples that you may be willing to send, and hopefully we can turn gunnies on to Modern Spartan Systems. Thank you,

Jim Gruening
Trinidad State Junior College

Al Noraker – Vice President Product Management at Eagle Claw / Wright and McGill Co.

Al Noraker - Vice President Product Management at Eagle Claw / Wright and McGill Co.

Dear Marcus, I must tell you that I’m very happy we first met as I was developing our new W&M Victory Pro Carbon casting reels! As I have told you, our goal was to develop one of the lightest, fastest and smoothest functioning casting reels in the industry! Our new reel features an all carbon body frame that brings the reel in at just 5.6 ounces! It also features a graphite handle and comfortable EVA handle paddles, 10 ultra-smooth ball bearings, carbon disc drag and more. To build such a high end reel for professional fisherman required us to find the finest cleaner and lubricant possible and that is exactly what I believe we have found in Modern Spartan Systems Posei Clean and Posei Slick! I’ve tested and used almost every possible lubricant available and I’m confident that there is simply no better product on the market today! As good as our reels are, they simply perform even better when lubricated with Posei Slick! They are super quiet, casting distances are dramatically increased and I love that they perform better in cold weather situations. I’ve also heard from our pro staff that the performance of Posei Slick is improvement function and product life in salt water environments. Thank you so much for introducing us to your cleaners and lubricants as I’m confident that consumers and fishing pro’s are going to have an even better experience because of these products!

Sincerely, Al Noraker Vice President Product Management Wright & McGill Co. Denver, Co.

Al Noraker

Raymond Sanders – Hooks and Arrows Adventures

Raymond Sanders - Hooks and Arrows Adventures

When I first heard about Modern Spartan, I thought their claims were too good to be true. Reluctantly, I tried their cleaning system, and to be fair to them, I asked one of my friends and staff members to try it out as well. We picked out a verity of guns, two AR 15’s, two pistols, and two muzzle loaders. We followed the directions, and found that the more we cleaned the guns the easier it became to clean them. We found that after each cleaning our shot group got tighter and tighter. We have never had any product clean our weapons this well. I also found that Modern Spartan increases accuracy and is not effected by heat or by cold weather. I found other uses for the product such as cleaning and lubing my wife’s sewing machine, which works better the ever. Thanks Modern Spartan Systems Raymond Sanders Hooks and Arrows Adventures

Raymond Sanders

Mike Chappell – President of Combat Shooters, LLC

Mike Chappell - President of Combat Shooters, LLC

Regarding Modern Spartan Systems products I spoke to Marcus about a month and a half ago about his product Modern Spartan System. He was making some pretty big claims as to what it can do, but I told him I was game, and that Combat Shooters would give it a try. So as promised he sent me bottles of the Spartan Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer and directions on how to prep my gun. Before I go into the prep, did I mention I was more than skeptical when I first spoke to Marcus. As a matter of fact, I opened the box with my lead gunsmith, Andrew, and as I opened the box I relayed the claims made by Marcus, and the only response Andrew had was “snake oil”. “Nobody makes oil that makes your gun accurate, that’s not how accuracy works”. I told him we are going to find out. After we did some quality control and test firing of some newly built rifles we started the prep work. The rifle we used was the CS-15 Patriot C2. The prep, it was super easy, I applied the Modern Spartan System as directed by the instructions. The CS-15 had 10 rounds through it prior to the prep. During the quality control phase it was shooting quarter inch groups at 25 yards (sorry no before pics, this review was sort of an afterthought). After the first five rounds I didn’t see much difference. It wasn’t until the third set of rounds I could tell a huge difference, I had pretty much cut my initial shot group in half. By the fourth set of five, I was shooting slightly larger than 1/8 inch groups at 100 yards using a Leopold Mark AR Mod 1. Once all shooting was complete, we broke the guns down and started the cleaning process. Again, we followed all directions for the Carbon Destroyer. We applied the Carbon Destroyer to all BCG parts first and let them set for approximately 2-3 min. We literally used a rag to wipe all the carbon away, no scrubbing required. By this point, I would have to say I am a believer, and yes, so is Andrew. Modern Spartan System is the real deal, and all rifles that leave Combat Shooters will be prepped and cleaned with the Carbon Destroyer and Accuracy Oil before they are shipped.

V/R Mike Chappell President Combat Shooters, LLC.

Mike Chappell
Combat Shooters, LLC

Medha “May” Russell – Competitive Shooter

Medha "May" Russell - Competitive Shooter

Hi Marcus, To expand on why we like your products: We’ve tried everything from Duralube, Slick50, gun oils and greases over a period of 25 years – and pretty much all of them have “evaporated” when firing or created sludge/burnt oil smell. Our test is usually shooting in practice 400 to 500 rounds. After practice, “yes” the gun is dirty, but it is still well lubricated with the Modern Spartan Systems oil. I’ve been shooting an Open gun since 1996, and the best piece of equipment that has come out, other than an Aftek extractor, is your MSS system. And yes, “your products are some of the best innovations we have seen to the shooting industry in years.” DVC, Medha Russell (aka “May”)


  • 4-Time IPSC Canadian Nationals – Open Lady Champion
  • 11-Time IPSC Ontario Provincials – Open Lady Champion
  • 11-Time IPSC Quebec Provincials – Open Lady Champion
  • 2010 received Ottawa Sports Award for outstanding accomplishments in the Shooting (Pistol) category
  • 2008 Florida Open – Open Lady Champion 2005 USPSA Nationals – ranked Top Ten Ladies in Open Division
  • 2003 IPSC Level III Quebec Provincials – Match Winner/Top Overall Open Division
  • 2-Time IPSC World Championships competitor
    • 1999 Philippines on Canadian Ladies Open Team
    • 2003 South Africa sole Canadian Open Lady competitor
  • National Range Officer Institute (NROI) Canada – Chief Range Officer
Medha "May" Russell
Competitive Shooter

Josh Baker – Former Military, Worked Tacsol

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

“My name is Joshua Baker and I am a first class petty officer in the United States Navy. I have spent a majority of the last decade deployed overseas in support of the global war on terrorism as an operational member of the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams. Thank you for making an amazing product. Your Carbon Destroyer, Spartan Accuracy Oil and Crystal Clear lens cleaner has not only surpassed any expectations, it’s completely blown them away. I am formerly an employee of Tactical Solutions and after this year’s Shot Show was tasked with testing out your products. I tried both the Carbon Destroyer and Spartan Accuracy Oil formulas out on two different AR-15’s, my 1911, my Beretta 9mm PX4 storm, a Sig P226 and lastly my gsg5 22lr. I was amazed not only by how smoothly the weapons all cycled but how it reduced the heat. I couldn’t believe how noticeable the reduced friction afforded by the Accuracy Oil was. Being in the military and having spent a great deal of the last decade either deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan or preparing to deploy, which means lots of time, I’ve used probably every cleaning solvent and lubrication out there. This has by far surpassed any/all expectations I ever had. Aside from the before mentioned products your lens cleaner totally rocked my world. Having been to Afghanistan in the winter I can tell you first hand that there’s nothing more unnerving than having to stop while on patrol to clean the fog off your lenses. This completely eliminated it even after I put my glasses in the freezer, so from a deploying member of the greatest fighting force on the planet THANK YOU.”

Josh Baker

Santiago McGregor – CEO of Shooting Sports México

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

Well, I’m writing because I had the chance to use your Modern Spartan Systems Accuracy Oil and Carbon Destroyer. I’ve had the chance to use it before with my Glock .380 ACP and my CZ 75B Kadet .22 LR, improvements were evident, but my experience yesterday was even better. Yesterday I used MSS products on my 1911 Colt .22 LR Conversion unit, as you may know they are really fun to shoot but tend to be really temperamental. With the use of Accuracy Oil, improvements were truly real: no jams, reduced misfeeds (I experienced some of them by the 500+ rounds, usually they showed up after 200+ rounds), carbon build up was minimal (it is also a dirty gun because of the Floating Chamber, specially with Mexican made rounds) and easily removed with the Carbon Destroyer, almost no scrubbing was needed. Before these experiences, my 1911 Colt .22 LR Conversion unit wasn’t in the list to be used on a Zombie Apocalypse, now it is, along with an Accuracy Oil bottle. Summing up, it made my shooting more fun, more pleasant, more reliable and made my cleaning much more easy.

Santiago McGregor
Shooting Sports México

Ken Hamilton- Logan, UT

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

Mission Accomplished!!!! I see what you mean. I mounted the scope on that 6mm-06 Ackley that you treated with the Modern Spartan Systems Accuracy Oil. I took 4 shots to sight in -0- at 300 yards. I then took 2 shots that were dead on at 700 yards using the proper mil-dot and 1 shot at a 950 yd. target, dead on holding between the 900 yard and 1000 yard mil-dot. I then shot the 1000 yard target. Dead ON! Not a single miss! The rifle and the Accuracy Oil are a great combination. Thank you for telling me about the MSS products. I am sold – WOW!

Ken Hamilton

Ed C – Ballistics Expert

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

As you know, we have been testing and using the Modern Spartan Systems products for quite some time. Initially we were expectedly skeptical of the claims. That said, it took about 5 minutes to see how powerful the Carbon Destroyer was. Never ever thought I would see a water-based cleaner that was so much more effective at removing carbon than solvents. The copper/lead cleaner is the best we have ever used, plus it smells nice. Then we used the Accuracy Oil. They told us about the unique chemistry and how it cut friction, but it wasn’t until we used it and did chronograph testing that we became believers. The test results showed phenomenally low standard deviation and extreme spread values, plus higher velocity. The harder, smoother “throat” and barrel, really do translate into enhanced accuracy. Your Ackley has a basic treatment with Accuracy Oil. You will see how smooth the rifle feels, but I want you to tell me what it does to your accuracy? With your shooting background, I believe you will understand what I am saying. Note that once you use the full break-in procedure as presented in the video, you will see even better results.

Ed C

Creighton Greene – Marine Corp Scout Sniper

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

“I was more than impressed with the Modern Spartan System’s formulas. They make the claims of accuracy, reliability and performance. With five (5) treatments to the barrel of my MK12 Head Down Products rifle, I tightened my groups sizes from just at 1 M.O.A at 100 yards to just under .5 M.O.A. I will never use any other cleaning system again, and I definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to increase reliability and accuracy in their firearms.”

Creighton Greene

Thane – Active Military

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

While doing the filming yesterday I took up a new, unfired gun, a 300 H&H Magnum that had never been treated. As a baseline I broke the barrel in as I used to do with the old products. I then shot a 5 shot group through the Chronograph. Average velocity was 3126 Feet per Second. Extreme Spread was 49 FPS and the Standard Deviation was just over 18 with a group size of 1.192 center to center. Not bad for a magnum! I then went through the whole treatment procedure with the Modern Spartan Systems Products as will be seen on the tape. The difference was evident from the first shot over the chronograph. Average velocity increased to 3181 Feet per Second. Extreme Spread was only 13 FPS and the Standard Deviation dropped to 5 with a group size being reduced to 0.697 center to center. The results are the same every time – higher velocity and more consistency. Like Mitch said, this will change the industry!


Joe Houle – 16 Year Marine Sniper

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

“As Marines we like to talk about being the ‘Tip of the Spear’ in battle. I was skeptical, but after seeing ‘real time’ improved shooting accuracy, these products will literally make us sharper and more dangerous as that tip. I could not be more excited about these MSS products.”

Joe Houle

Josh Cornia – Lehi, Utah

Modern Spartan Systems Testimonial

A few weeks ago I undertook the task of cleaning a 6mm BR that had not been treated with Modern Spartan System products. It had had about 100 rounds shot through it since cleaning. What a chore! It took several cycles with wet and dry patches with standard carbon cleaner, then the same with a popular copper cleaner. I quit counting patches at 100! My dad then gave me all of the MSS products. I then completely treated it with Spartan Accuracy Oil and Accuracy Grease, went to the range and went through the complete optimization break-in procedure that you can see on their “It’s All About the Accuracy” video. I took it prairie dog shooting and shot over 300 rounds without cleaning, or even using a bore snake. This morning I decided to thoroughly clean the BR, but was dreading the time and effort it would take. What a surprise! Wet patched it with Carbon Destroyer with two patches and then 4 dry patches…CLEAN!! I used the Copper/Lead Destroyer cleaner but no blue markers. There was no copper fouling! I don’t know how it does it but this stuff not only makes a gun shoot better, but using it all the time makes cleanup a breeze! I’ll never use anything else.

Josh Cornia

Raychel Shaw – East Texas Firearms Training / Shoot-Like-A-Girl

Raychel Shaw - East Texas Firearms Training / Shoot-Like-A-Girl

Part 1)

Hey Marcus, I just wanted to let you know I did in fact get some product in! I’ve gone through the cleaning process and let me just say WOW my gun was FUNKY… and I’ve cleaned it! The carbon destroyer and copper and lead destroyer found and eradicated more gunk than I dreamed it was possible of harboring given I had already cleaned it and hadn’t fired it since I last cleaned it! I need to go through the conditioning of the barrel and put the rest to the test but ran out of time before my trip so I’ll get with you after I’ve been able to do so!

Part 2)

Alright Marcus here’s what I can say so far. After I returned from my trip I had a class where a client ended up needing to use my gun for proficiency. It failed to feed after every round “tap rack and rock” wasn’t working different ammo wasn’t working. I was concerned thinking running those 450 rounds through it in succession a few weeks back had caused some damage. I never the less broke out my Modern Spartan starter kit and applied 4 drops of accuracy oil in the ejection port and down the barrel and lubed. I can say I haven’t had a problem since. For this I am truly grateful. I’ve begun combating stoppages in clients guns and sharing this story. Obviously the class who experienced it were truly impressed! I haven’t had an opportunity to test it long range yet with a rifle but still intend to.

Raychel Shaw