Who Are We?

I am an 07/02 FFL and have been one for 30 years while serving in the US Military.  At first it was a hobby, but later one, a second job as I bought more and more equipment to do work for people.  I was introduced to Modern Spartan Systems via Marcus Kahn when I bought some of their cutting lubricant and suppressor cleaners.  I was impressed and now want to be a part of their great company and products.

Why We Have Partnered with Modern Spartan Systems

I have used the cutting oil/lubricant in my machines ever since Marcus sold me on the idea.  I have used it and enjoy not having to constantly replace tooling and keeping temps down while machining is what it is all about, cost savings.  I think Modern Spartan Systems has the right idea and mission to aid those in the industry to save on costs while trying to provide a good quality product for people.  With the recent pandemic, companies have been hit hard and trying to bounce back, we all need help to save on costs and Modern Spartan Systems can help with their products.

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WSG Arms Manufacturing

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