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Spring turkey season is just around the corner and taking care of your equipment is a top priority to me during this time just as much if not more than other times of the year. The weather is getting nicer and the cool mornings can bring about a lot of condensation on my shotgun that is noticeable and needs to be paid attention to.

shotgun care

Steps need to be taken to ensure that you are combatting the ill side effects that nature has to offer and keeping a clean shotgun is paramount to success in my book. I ensure that my shotgun is cared for and these are the steps I take to ensure that.

Leading up to season I go out and pattern the shotgun to ensure nothing is off with the sights and that whatever shotshell I am using that year is performing to my liking. I make any adjustments needed at this time and look forward to the season that is to come.

Once this is done, I give the shotgun a quick cleaning to remove most all shot residue. I don’t spend a ton of time on this as I know the season will throw many things its way and will likely get dirty in the process.  During season I keep the action oiled up and check it often to keep the action free from dirt and debris.  After season I do a thorough cleaning to remove all shot residue before putting it away until next season. If you are reading this, you likely know how to break down and clean a shotgun so no need to get into that in this article.

shotgun maintenance

I have been using Modern Spartan System’s products for just over a year now and have enjoyed how well they work. Carbon Destroyer paired with the Copper/Lead Destroyer cleans the shotgun of all contaminates relatively easy. Key areas are the inside of the barrel and action. Small patches and brushes come in handy to get into tight areas when the shotgun is broken down. Once that is complete, I use the Spartan Accuracy Oil to coat the action and inside of the barrel to ensure smooth action and it also inhibits all rust activity on bare metal surfaces.

Each time I use this system I trust that it is being taken care of in a way that will ensure this firearm, like many others of mine, will be around for a long time. Modern Spartan Systems has done a great job of helping me take care of my firearms and their product testing and science behind their products is proven.

Jared Bloomgren
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