10 Point “Dark Winter” Weapons Checklist


10-Point Check:

1. Does the rifle still function?

2. Is the ammunition still keeping its seal and firing properly?

3. Is my short range zero still where I want it? Did anything shift or come loose?

4. Is my sling still adjusted properly for my seasonal clothing?

5. Do my controls still function with my current winter gloves?

6. Is my scarf, hood, or headgear causing my optics to fog up on exhalation

7. Is the lubrication still appropriate for these conditions? Has the lube or grease migrated from where it needs to be?

8. Can I still manipulate my torch with winter gear on?

9. Can I still operate, manipulate or, change all the other BS with gloves on?

10. Is the BDC still effective for the air density and MVV changes?

Tiborsaurus Rex / Rex Reviews

Rex Tibor is an American long-range rifle enthusiast whose dedication to the long-range shooting community has yielded one of the most comprehensive archives of extreme-long-range precision rifle equipment reviews and extreme long-range precision-rifle video tutorial series (freely available) to date. Although Rex is best known as an authority on extreme long-range precision rifle shooting techniques and equipment selection, he has also provided supplemental instruction on various firearms, tactical gear, and other sporting equipment.

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