We OPTIMIZE, which goes way beyond regular maintenance.  We are talking about enhancing the performance of your firearms – these are real benefits that you will love!

It’s all about CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS & RESULTS!  What dramatically differentiates us from the competition is that our technologies change the microscopic surface structure characteristics of metal, making it harder, smoother and tighter.  We are able to reduce friction by 85-90% and create a low stick surface.

Using our “clean/lube SYSTEM” is an investment that goes way beyond simple “maintenance” and into firearm “OPTIMIZATION”, with the payoff being improved  ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, FEEL, PERFORMANCE and more FREE TIME. 

The “OPTIMIZATION effect” on firearms includes: 

1)   Improved accuracy (90-95% of the time)

2)   Phenomenal reliability (in ALL TEMPS & ENVIRONMENTS)

3)   Super smooth action – great functionality

4)   Extended barrel life (up to 5-15X)

5)   Dramatically faster cleaning (cuts cleaning time by 75%)

Our formulas are environmentally, people & “nose” friendly and American made.  They are easy to use, cost effective, and field proven by experts around the world!  Put our “system” to the test, and let us know what happens – we love more testimonials!

Here is the best way to describe what happens.  Our chemistry works differently at the molecular level than other lubricants.  On the prep side, instead of just surface cleaning, our Carbon Destroyer actually penetrates to deep clean contaminants like carbon out of the microscopic gaps and pores and opens up the metal, then, the active molecules in our Accuracy Oil penetrate into those gaps and pores and bond “into/onto” the metal to change the surface structure.  Picture trillions of microscopic self leveling super-magnets forming a low stick shield, like the Spartan Phalanx, onto ALL the metal parts of firearms.  The surface becomes harder, smoother and tighter and drops friction by about 85-90%.  The benefits that we claim are not just marketing hype, they are the end results of how our technologies are affecting the physics of the metal.  Optimizing the function and performance of guns is simply reality. 

Yes, we have lots of proof and there are always new people or groups doing various testing all the time.  We recommend reading through the testimonials and reviews on our website or researching what people are saying about us on social media.  All things aside, get some, use it and see for yourself!

Below are a few of the video links and a testimonials that confirm our claims of reducing friction and protecting metal.  (This is physics and chemistry – results are repeatable).

The Spartan Optimization Process

If you use our products and don’t follow these instructions, you will still get good results. If you follow our one-time step-by-step “conditioning protocol” instructions and regularly use our products, you will gain the maximum benefits.

Do NOT look at cleaning and lubing your firearm as a chore that can be neglected, look at it as a prime component that you control and is necessary to maximize your shooting performance.

See the complete instructions by clicking here!


  • Super smooth action and functionality
  • Improved firearm accuracy (we help the physics of the firearm, not the aiming of the shooter)
  • Excellent reliability – dramatically less friction related malfunctions (in all temperatures and environmental conditions)
  • No splash-back, no mess and minimal smoke
  • Significantly easier cleaning – typically only 25% of what it normally takes = more FREE TIME
  • Long lasting – a little product goes a long way
  • Extended barrel life (up to 2-15X)
  • Safer to work with – our chemistry is environmentally friendly

Oh YES. Before doing the conditioning process you will notice how quickly and thoroughly clean up is with Carbon Destroyer and Copper/Lead Destroyer. After doing the conditioning and regularly using Accuracy Oil you will see a dramatic reduction in clean up time. Most people comment that is about a quarter of the time is use to take them to do the same job. Black Powder, Rimfire… all the way up to M2A1s & Mini-Guns clean up shockingly well. If you like spending lots of time scrubbing and getting filthy, we are not for you – ha ha!

You need to see what you are shooting at – right?!? Spartan Crystal Clear is designed to give you clean, clear and sharp lenses to look through.

Spartan Crystal Clear is all about giving you clean, clear and sharp lenses to look through. When used on scopes, sights, binoculars or other delicate lenses, our proprietary lens cleaner & protectant will effectively remove smudges, spots and fingerprints without the use of harsh chemicals. As it cleans, the formula also lays down a nano thin layer of polymers onto the lens surface for protection. Since the thin dense layer of particles are not of uniform shape and size, light waves that hit the particles, splinter and refract away in scattered directions, resulting in slightly improved HD clarity to the shooter. Crystal Clear will not damage specialty coatings, build up or discolor the optics, has an anti-static property to repel dust, and some say has anti-fog characteristics. It is also an excellent exterior gun cleaner!

The term “GREEN” is often overused, misused and certainly misunderstood by many people. With the legal disclosure that anything, including water, can become dangerous at certain levels, we want you to be clear on our definition of “GREEN”. When we call one of our formulas “GREEN” or earth friendly, we are saying that it is either biodegradable or inert according to EPA standards. Although we are not recommending that you use Accuracy Oil or other products as salad dressing, our formulas are generally safe to work with.

Good question – the answer is anywhere that contaminants build up or that metal to metal friction is an issue. In the shooting and outdoor industry some great applications are on knives, compound and crossbows, on tree stands to take away the squeaks, even as a metal protectant to remove and mitigate rust and corrosion. Use your imagination!

Yes, and you would follow the same application procedure as you would use for application on the suppressors. The idea is that we are super cleaning and deep cleaning the metal, pushing out the moisture and opening up the pores and gaps so that we can get great penetration of the molecules in the Accuracy Oil. Once the molecules from the Accuracy Oil are bonded into/onto the metal of the compensator and a low stick shield is formed, it will clean up much easier in the future too.
So glad you asked. We are showcasing our chemical technologies and problem solving abilities in the firearms industry. If you like what we can do for firearm optimization, you will love what we can do for vehicle optimization. The TVT engine formula (actually a total vehicle treatment, except for applications in wet-clutch and automatic transmissions) is something you as a hunter, competition shooter, LE officer, military person or a momma bear that wants to protect her kids also needs. You DRIVE!!! You have a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat…, and those things can be expensive. If you use TVT you get a better running, more fuel efficient and better protected, longer lasting vehicle. It is one of the only products on the market, where it is possible to see, feel and hear results, depending on the condition of the vehicle, in minutes, if not seconds. Try it, you’ll like it!

Yes, we SEE the BIG PICTURE and other industry applications where we can make an efficiency and performance impact. 

Our technologies are by far the best products on the market to SOLVE TWO MAJOR UNIVERSAL PROBLEMS:  1) contaminant removal (our cleaners can remove grease, oil, carbon… better, faster and safer than any other products we know of), and 2) friction reduction  (in metal to metal contact we amazingly drop friction by up to 90%).  

Our technologies are going to significantly impact multiple industries – 

 ·      Our oil and water based machine cutting oils increase tool life by up to 15X or more.  Have you heard of that before?

·      Our engine additive formula allows engines to run with no oil for hundreds or even thousands of miles.  Sound crazy, right?

·      Our gear box oil additive stops metal wear in its tracks and actually increases energy efficiency up to 5%+.  How valuable is that?

·      We have super advanced hydraulic fluid formulas, and are engineering new formulas to replace water/glycol systems. How many industries can we impact? 

·      We are developing new products for multiple industries, not just chemical technologies.  WHERE DO YOU SEE NEEDS FOR OUR TECHNOLOGIES?

We are building a team of strategic partners in multiple industries that understand the “true value” in what can be accomplished.  If you believe we can make a positive impact on your business, we are open to talking with you about industry specific sales, niche licensing and co-branding opportunities! 


HERE is a link to a document that showcases how to optimize your firearm using Modern Spartan products.

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