The Company

In business (listen kids), once you have a great idea or some product or service to bring to the market, the most important key to being successful is WHO you work and HOW you work with them. Step one is in place – Modern Spartan Systems has phenomenal and unmatched products and technologies to bring to the consumer and commercial/industrial markets.

The WHO is made up of a wonderful team of honest, high-character, brilliant and creative people, including world class top-engineers, industry specific SME (subject matter experts), talented IT and Digital marketing experts, high-quality and conscientious order processing people, and our own “Einstein-like” SUPER-GENIOUS, who I tell people that “if he was a Super-Villain, like in the Marvel/DC movies, we would all be in deep trouble”.
The HOW we work together answer is summed up as GREAT. We are a committed team and family. Each team member is a high character person that is uniquely contributing and committed to making Modern Spartan Systems a great company that will impact many industries.


Modern Spartan Systems is made up of firearms & ballistics experts, chemists, engineers, defense consultants, business development specialists, legal professionals and marketing experts. Some of them have military backgrounds and some come from other industries. Each team member is a high character person that is uniquely contributing and committed to making Modern Spartan Systems a great company that will make an impact.
We are driven by the love of God (the God of the Bible), love of Country (the United States of America) and love of our family and friends. We are “Founding Father” Constitutionalists, free market, pro-military, and pro 2A advocates. Although we are a business, and not a politically oriented company, you at least know where we stand. PS – We love and respect the good people in every country!

The Spartan Way

Ultimately this means more free time to enjoy using your guns, fishing reels, vehicles, and knives while perform at an optimal level.

What We Do

SPARTAN Chemistry is the MOST ADVANCED “OPTIMIZING” Chemistry on the Planet!
We “optimize metal” and maximize performance of firearms, fishing equipment, engines, and balded tools.
Spartan’s safe, green, American-made chemistry is different from and significantly outperforms the competition. We make the best best gun oil on the market and offer gun cleaning kits that will keep your firearm performing at it’s best. We combine our SUPER-Cleaners with our proprietary anti-friction/low-stick technology which reduces friction by 90%. We hope that our customers demand clean and demand perfection.


Marcus was born an Ohio Buckeye with good parents and cool sister, fantastic grandparents, and extended family and wonderful (many lifelong) friends. He was raised with good old-fashioned Midwestern, patriotic, God-fearing values in the Western suburbs of Chicago, IL. Marcus loved his family and friends, got OK-decent grades, got in a bunch of fights (as the “good guy” defender, not aggressor), and grew up playing lots of sports.
As a kid through high school, it was baseball, basketball, football, Judo, fishing, wrestling with and getting in trouble with friends (my favorite sport). In college (NIU) he played Rugby and studied marketing (the easiest major to get). After college he competed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, trained in martial arts with awesome teachers, and ended up having a blast wrestling professionally for a few years, which in a weird way, led me to Lake Placid where he got to compete for a spot on the 1992 Olympic Bobsled Team, which he did very well in, but did not make (it is hard to beat out guys like Edwin Moses and Herschel Walker).
Marcus is generally a joyful Jesus-loving Christian (I do not fight anymore), and proud dad of two great boys and a dog (third son) known as RATBOY. His career path has been mainly self-employed, with a passion for new technologies and a “SUPER-POWER” of befriending brilliant innovators, leading him to where he is today as the primary owner and CEO of Modern Spartan Industries Corp (Modern Spartan Systems). Now he gets to bring his eclectic personality and competitive nature into the business world while he revolutionizes the firearms and outdoors industry.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognized as the world-wide leader in contaminant removal and friction reduction technologies for multiple markets (firearms, engines, manufacturing, energy efficiency, hydraulics…), as well as other unique, value added, proprietary innovative technologies. We want people to know that our American made, “GREEN” formulas and products will produce amazing “real world” results and benefits wherever they are used.

Values Statement

The core values that we hold in the highest regard are actually virtues. They include integrity, honesty, loyalty, openness, reliability, and commitment to excellence. It is our highest priority to achieve the reputation as “the company whose products you want to use” AND as “the company you want to partner with.”
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