I Am A Skeptic Of New Products…

James E. – Competitive Shooter

To whom it may concern, I received a small trial of your product at the zombies in the Heartland 3-gun match this year. Due to the fact I had a dead red dot sight on my rifle and was trying to make the win without a functional red-dot, and because I had a new Mossberg 930 SPX that was not cycling properly, I did not try your product at the match especially since I am a skeptic of new products by nature. I recently read the enclosed cards and because it had a lot of technical jargon, that I have seen other fly by night companies use to try to sound like they had a superior product, I decided to set out to prove it to be baseless claims. I recently put your product to the test on my M-14, and both my sniper rifles while down field training. My hopes were that with flying dust and debris, and a high amount of rounds fired, that I could make your product fail and to prove it could not clean HEAVY carbon fouling. After 3,000 rounds fired combined from my M-14 and M-16, I then used the Modern Spartan Systems Carbon Destroyer. Expecting to have major issues with cleaning, I was VERY surprised at how it removed the carbon from the bolt face, chamber, and gas piston like it was never fired and with only one wipe. It took 2 other patches with NO scrubbing, or hard work to fully clean the weapons. I then used the same on my sniper rifles and silencer baffles with same results as before. At this point I decided to use the Accuracy Oil.I expected the next day for it to attract a lot of dirt and debris. I was very surprised at how perfectly it allowed the weapons to cycle smoothly and was quite shocked that your product attracted LESS dirt and debris than the Otis dry lube c.l.p. that I typically use. As a result after returning I decided to take my Moss berg 930 SPX. Out and see how it would perform after using your product. I used the Carbon Destroyer to clean the piston, etc. then because the piston did not move freely (which I suspect is from the watchdog camo pattern that is applied to it), I used your Accuracy Oil. HOLY SHIT!!!, just 2 drops that I ran around the piston with my finger, and I replaced the piston into the barrel only to have it FALL OUT while trying to re-install the barrel. I finally got my weapon put back together, and took it to the range. it cycled so perfectly that it chewed through low brass target rounds, low brass light loads, low brass number 7 7.5 and 8, high brass, military breach rounds, and even cheap chi-com low brass shells. It did so with such reliability and accuracy that it was like an ak-47 in how it spit the ammo out – like it was hungry. It made me wish I had used your product at the shoot as it would have at least fixed my shotgun woes and would have put me in the running on stages where I could use shotgun and pistol. As a result of how much your product has impressed me; I just ordered one of your Starter Kits that also comes with the Accuracy Grease (as I’m excited to see how my m-14 performs after lubing the bolt roller with the grease). I will be recommending your product to everyone I know, and having anyone experiencing weapons issues try your product before taking to the armorer or, if a personal weapon, before taking to a gunsmith. You truly have a product that is exceptional quality and proved that it was not just fancy words trying to make a quick buck, but was truly backed up by how well it performs.

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