Accuracy Oil White Paper


A key mission critical component for Soldiers is the reliability and performance functionality of their firearms.

A dirty firearm full of carbon and other contaminants compounded by various environmental conditions such as excessive heat, cold, humidity, sand, etc. can distort the accuracy, performance and impede or stop the reliability of that firearm.

This will put the operator, team members and mission in a potentially dangerous or deadly situation.

Current lubrication products on the market do little, if anything, to enhance firearm reliability, accuracy or performance, and in fact may add to or create additional problems.

The Modern Spartan Systems proprietary GREEN chemistry, centered on Accuracy Oil and partnered with Carbon Destroyer, Copper/Lead Destroyer, Accuracy Grease and an optics cleaner, Crystal Clear, dramatically minimizes these problems and provides many other unique and valuable benefits that will keep operators safer and give them a higher probability of success.


The information in this paper explains the unique reasons for and superior advantages of using Accuracy Oil vs. other products in the firearm lubrication category.

The problems that keep firearms from functioning at peak levels are: friction, contaminants, metal wear, and contaminant re-adhesion.

Modern Spartan Systems’ GREEN, safe to use chemistry significantly mitigates these problems.

Operators need their firearms to be reliable and function at optimum levels at all times.

They should be focusing on the mission and have full confidence that when they pull the trigger their firearms will fire where pointed.

They should not worry about potential malfunctions or experience failure to fire, especially when many of the problems can be prevented with the use of Accuracy Oil.

Accuracy Oil dramatically improves firearm reliability.

Friction and contaminant related firearm malfunctions due to or exacerbated by environmental conditions (including: extreme cold, ice, heat, humidity, rain, powdery sand, etc.) can mean the difference between success or failure OR more importantly between life and death.

The carriers of the active molecules in Accuracy Oil are a special blend of highly refined light oils.

Like microscopic super-magnets, the molecules suspended in the carriers bond with and infuse onto and into the metal, creating a denser, harder, stronger and tighter surface structure in the barrels, bolts, triggers and every other metal component.

This results in an approximate 90% reduction in friction and a very “low stick” barrier.  It functions “similar to” a dry lube, but with very long lasting and stable molecules, and performs flawlessly in all environments (field proven on multiple platforms from 140°+ in the Middle East to -58°f in Alaska).

Additionally, a great amount of cleaning/lubrication and maintenance time is saved and less total product is required due to more “issue free” rounds being fired between the need to clean (typically 2-4X more rounds) & time spent cleaning (reduced between 50-75%).

The success of shots hitting their target is higher because when 90% of the friction is removed from the barrel the physics allow the bullet a clearer path of exit, improving firearm accuracy (velocity, spread rate and standard deviation numbers are all enhanced).

Barrel temperatures can be reduced from 10%-40%, allowing operators to extend suppressive fire with fewer barrel change-outs, less cook-offs, and with almost no messy and distractive splash-back.

The lower barrel temperatures minimize the “mirage effect” for shooters using bolt action rifles at high rates of fire.

The use of Accuracy Oil on all platforms (hand-guns to sniper rifles to machine guns…) will extend budgets due to increased asset life.

Throat and other part wear is reduced and barrel, bolt and trigger life can be extended from 50%-500%.

Also, the costly and detrimental effects of corrosion are negated because Accuracy Oil not only prevents oxidation, but can be used to remove corrosion (also on knives or axe heads…).

The per/use cost, total budget costs, and “value added” benefits of costs vs. costs not realized make Accuracy Oil and supportive products the most cost effective and “value added” option.

The conclusion is that using Accuracy Oil, unlike anything it competes against, in a viable and cost effective manner, provides the benefits that improve firearm performance, effectiveness, reliability, asset life, and most importantly can potentially save the lives of operators.


It is universally understood that firearms need to be cleaned and lubricated.

The questions are, “What is the most effective way to do this?”, “Is there chemistry available to go above and beyond current expectations to solve problems that prohibit firearm performance?”, and “Is the solution cost effective?”

The problem is that all the products on the market are on a similar chemical path and perform roughly at the same level.

Although they may be sufficient to meet basic expectations, there has been very little “real innovation” that changes expectations, let alone innovation that can enhance or optimize firearm performance in a way that can potentially affect the success of an engagement – that is until now!

The problems that keep firearms from performing effectively are: contaminants, friction, corrosion and metal wear.

Current products have basic chemical limitations that effectively deal with these problems.

Cleaners range from toxic high VOC solvents that are dangerous for the user to GREEN surfactants that are generally ineffective.  (We will explain about our “specialty cleaners” later in this paper).

The lubricants are designed to put a film barrier onto the surface of metal to reduce friction and protect from wear and corrosion.

The issue with this “chemical film approach” to solving these problems is that most natural and synthetic oils quickly breakdown in the high heat and pressure of shooting (flashes up to 1800°f) and provide a short lived reduction in friction that is minimal at best.

Under these conditions the oil cokes and becomes an additional source of dirty carbon.  In other words, the products used can cause more problems.

Another set of problems that are inherent in various current available lubricants are their inability to keep guns firing effectively in diverse temperatures in diverse environments.

The molecular structure used in the lubricants change when temperatures increase, decrease, or there is high humidity…  If moisture is present in a formula it can freeze, oxidize, run…, which causes moving parts to function poorly or lock up.

The problem with changing environmental conditions for Soldiers is the need to clean and lube with multiple products within a short period of time or while in transition, may not be feasible (i.e. Middle East day/night, high/low temps).

Besides the fact that lubricants made for extreme temperatures have minimal effectiveness even in ideal conditions, if the Soldiers have a malfunction, their lives can be put in danger over a weapon lubricant.



 It is expected that the more you shoot a firearm the dirtier it is going to get due to the hot atomized carbon and accelerant residue coming from the bullets and cartridge.

Metal is microscopically porous and will hold carbon and the other contaminants under and on top of the surface.

These carbon molecules will grab and hold more carbon, building up a growing film that will hold other particles like, dirt, salts, lead, copper and plastic.

This build-up ads to friction and impedes the movement of moving parts, and is what can cause malfunctions.

It is important to remove as much carbon as possible.

Most cleaners do an “average” job of removing surface carbon after a lot of time, chemicals and work, but do not get at what is embedded into the metal under the surface.

Many of these cleaners are dangerous to work with, while some will actually etch and ruin metal.

Removing contaminants completely, safely and quickly is something we can uniquely address.


Each shot taken after a firearm has been cleaned and lubed begins a new process of dirtying that firearm.

Current products on the market do little to mitigate the new build-up or re-adhesion of contaminants.

Minimizing carbon and other contaminant re-adhesion and build up is also something we can uniquely address.


This is not due directly to the lubricant, but freezing cold weather can cause a failure to fire due to condensation bonding onto the metal and turning to ice in the wrong spots and stopping movement.

This is something that we can uniquely address.


Another problem for Soldiers fighting in desert conditions is powdery sand AKA Moon Dust.

Many lubricants are wet and attract and hold the sand particles along with carbon and other contaminants.

This has a direct impact on guns jamming and having malfunctions, as well as reducing barrel accuracy and shortening asset life.

This is something that we can uniquely address.


Heat from shooting comes from two sources.

One is the explosion from a a round discharging.

The second is friction in a barrel caused by bullets passing through and touching the bore.

The more friction, the more heat is built up.

Excessive heat during suppressive fire with automatic weapons can result in cook-offs, other malfunctions, burn danger to the operator, and requires more frequent barrel changes – meaning more weapon down-time in a firefight.

The excess heat causes the metal to expand and wear over time.

Frictional heat on bolt action rifles can cause a mirage effect that affects the shooter’s ability to shoot accurately.

Currently these problems are addressed with excessively large amounts of lubricants being used to “cool’ the barrels, resulting in hot oil splashing back in the face of the shooter.

These are problems that other lubricant products do not address, but is something we can uniquely address.


Corrosion and metal oxidation erodes and pits metal, creating friction, shortening asset life and causes weapons to function poorly or completely malfunction.

Metal surfaces need to be protected from rain, humidity, condensation, and airborne salts, especially in the field where firearms are exposed to many weather and temperature conditions.

This is a problem that we can uniquely address.


Friction reduces accuracy.

Microscopic imperfections in metal create friction.

Contaminants create friction.

Although to the human eye and touch the surface of a weapons barrel looks flat and feels smooth, under a high power microscope it would look like a mountain range, full of peaks and valleys.

Although seemingly insignificant, this is where the friction that affects how a bullet moves through a barrel that reduces accuracy lies.

When a round is discharged the bullet scrapes over microscopic metal peaks, the metal does not flatten; it tears, leaving a new and different uneven surface that causes friction and catches and holds more friction causing contaminants.

There are currently no other firearm lubricants available to flatten the peaks and valleys into a smooth plain to reduce friction, protect metal from wear, and keep it from capturing carbon – until now.


There are realized and unrealized financial costs to using current lubrication products.

There is the money budgeted and paid to obtain the product used.

Using less product would save money and extend budgets.

Having a need for several products for use in different environments makes purchasing, stocking, and distribution more complicated.

It also complicates product use training and supportive cleaning for materials necessary for use in multiple environments.

When inferior products are used firearms operate more ineffectively and inefficiently, lose accuracy faster, don’t last as long and are susceptible to more malfunctions or need to swap out barrels while in action.

If inferior chemistry is used it puts Soldiers and battle success at greater risk.

Note – The current use of CLP formulas: It would be great if one formula can chemically remove contaminants, reduce friction and protect metal, but the reality is that none of those benefits can be effectively achieved at the same time.  Contaminants need to be removed with one formula and a separate formula needs to be applied to protect metal from friction and corrosion.


Modern Spartan Systems has proven and viable solutions to counter the above listed problems caused by friction, metal wear, contaminants and contaminant re-adhesion.

The reason Accuracy Oil solves the below listed problems is because our chemistry uniformly enhances the physical properties of metal, which affects the physics of how a firearm operates.

Instead of laying down a film barrier, the active molecules in this formula bond like microscopic super-magnets both into and onto metal.

They fill the gaps and pores, making the surface structure denser, stronger, tighter and smoother, effectively turning the microscopic surface from sandpaper to glass.

It is in this way that the friction is reduced by approximately 90%, metal wear is minimized, and the tightly sealed metal surface serves as a protective barrier that keeps contaminants from adhering to the metal, similar to Teflon on a frying pan.

Note -The best way to find the effectiveness of any technology is by finding its fail points once a baseline for comparison has been set.  A powerful torture test that we use to demonstrate the positive impact of Accuracy Oil to reduce friction and metal wear compared to competing lubricants is on an industrial Timpkin Bearing machine.  To get straight to the point we use a 5 gal bucket of water (about 50lbs) as a weight that equates over 200,000+ lbs of pressure at the point of contact on a lubricated bearing and race.  Every lubricant tested seizes the machine instantly, while the bearing/race coated with Accuracy Oils runs smoothly until the machine is turned off.  Videos and documents showing testing and the advantages of Accuracy Oil are available upon request.

Note – The applications of various versions of Accuracy Oil are now solving friction and metal wear problems in other industries, such as manufacturing (cutting/tapping, CNC machines…) and transportation (engines, gear boxes, fuel systems…), with new products coming out for deep well drilling and coolant lube for HVAC & HVACR compressors.  We have specialty cleaning chemicals for engine and hard surface cleaning, vapor suppression, and soil and water remediation.



Metal is microscopically porous and will hold carbon inside and under the surface.

This carbon is the starting point of a chain that will attract and hold additional carbon.

The accumulation of carbon builds up a film that will bind with and hold other particles such as salts, lead, copper, plastic, sand and dirt.

This build-up ads to friction and impedes the movement of moving parts, and is what can cause malfunctions.

Because of this, it is important to fully remove the carbon contained under the surface of the metal and prevent it from re-adhering.

The pre-curser to using and maximizing the benefits of Accuracy Oil is Carbon Destroyer.

This product quickly penetrates below the surface and removes the embedded carbon; detoxifying the metal and preparing it to fully absorb the active molecules in Accuracy Oil.

Once the metal is treated and conditioned, carbon cannot penetrate the surface and bond into the metal.

It can only have a much looser bond on top of the metal, making future cleaning typically 50-75% faster.

This benefit allows the operator to have more time to focus on his mission.


Each shot taken after a gun has been cleaned and lubed begins a new process of dirtying a firearm.

When Accuracy Oil is used, the metal surface becomes denser; forming a monolithic barrier that is similar to having Teflon on a pan.

This harder, denser, low friction shield makes it impossible for hot atomized carbon to burn into and onto the formerly open pores in the metal.

Instead, the carbon and other contaminants stay softer and bind loosely on the surface, minimizing build-up or re-adhesion, and making cleaning significantly easier (typically 50-75% faster).

It is similar to cleaning off a burnt egg from a coated pan.

This benefit makes allows the operator to successfully shoot 2-4X more rounds before feeling the impact of contaminant build up and will keep the operator safer.


Icing is not always due directly to the lubricant, although some natural based lubricants contain moisture, which can cause a thickening of the lubricant and negatively affect functionality.

In freezing cold weather condensation can turn to ice that bond onto the metal and stop moving parts from freely moving and cause failure to fire.

What the Accuracy Oil does is to create a low-stick barrier that is resistant to temperature, so that even if condensation freezes, the slightest movement breaks the bond, shattering the ice crystals and allows the gun to fire.

Treated guns have been successfully tested from -58° in Alaska on handguns, on rifles and ARs in the Mountains of West Virginia in the teens, and on various machine guns in Wyoming in the -20°s.

This benefit makes fighting in the cold climates much safer for the operator.


Another problem for Soldiers fighting in desert conditions is powdery sand AKA Moon Dust.

Many lubricants are wet and attract and hold the sand particles along with carbon and other contaminants, which has a direct impact on firearms jamming and having malfunctions, as well as reducing barrel accuracy and shortening asset life.

Because Accuracy Oil performs like a dry-lube and creates a low stick surface, sand and debris do not stick, get pushed off of moving parts, and have minimal to no negative effect on firearm performance.

This benefit makes fighting in the Middle East and other sandy areas much safer for the operator.


Heat from shooting comes from two sources.

One is the explosion from a round discharging.

The second is friction in a barrel caused by bullets passing through and touching the bore.

Using Accuracy Oil reduces frictional heat in the barrel by up to 90%, which has proven to reduce total barrel temperature between 10-40%.

The lower temperatures result in more shots being fired between barrel changes, less cook-offs and stove-piping, and less potentially critical down-time while in a firefight.

Less heat causes less stress and wear and helps to extend barrel life.

Less heat on bolt action rifles minimizes the mirage effect and helps a shooter to have a clearer vision on his targets.

Because significantly less oil is used on machine guns during suppression fire to keep the barrels “cooler” (between 1/16th and 1/32nd), there is no hot oil splashing back in the face of the shooter, which allows him to focus on the task

without this distraction.

These benefits are all achieved uniquely with the use of Accuracy Oil.


Corrosion and metal oxidation erodes and pits metal.

It creates an additional source of friction that causes weapons to function poorly and can shorten asset life.

Metal surfaces need to be protected from the sources of oxidation; rain, humidity, airborne sulfur, salts and condensation, especially in the field where firearms are exposed to many weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Accuracy Oil is a great protector of metal; it seals, tightens and shields surfaces from the molecules that cause oxidation.

Due to the aggressive nature and strength of their bonds, the active molecules act like super-magnets and actually displace the salts and other oxidizers at and below the surface.

Not only does Accuracy Oil prevent rust, but it can also be used to removes it.

This is another set of benefits that keep operators safer and more effective.


Friction and contaminants decrease shooting accuracy.

The use of Spartan products, especially Accuracy Oil, improves the shooting accuracy of firearms because they reduce friction and minimize the bonding of contaminants inside barrel.

Each firearm has different levels of microscopic metal imperfections that cause friction, but when 90% of that friction is removed, the physics allow the bullet a clearer path of exit with less resonance and resistance, and accuracy is improved.

This shows up in tighter shot groups, increased velocity, lower spread rate and lower standard deviation numbers.

Improved accuracy shows up more pronounced in longer barrel riffles, because the “runway” is longer and subject to more friction and friction reduction.

Although the molecules are not permanent, the bonds are very strong and long lasting, and with regular cleaning and lubing with Spartan products, the firearms will hold their accuracy for a much longer time (50%-500%).

A more accurately shooting gun, especially for snipers, means more successful shots removing enemy combatants off the field faster.


Cost is always a concern.

There are several primary reasons that Accuracy Oil and our additional products are not only competitive with currently used lubricants and cleaners, but can save money and extend budgets.

First, the versatility of having ONE lube for ALL environments and conditions streamlines and simplifies purchasing, stocking, shipping, distribution, and product use training.

This is universally good for the military as a whole and is invaluable to the Soldier in the field.

Second, a great amount of money and time are saved because less total product is required to service each firearm.

Less total product is used due to more “issue free” rounds being fired between the need to clean (typically 2-4X more rounds).

Time spent cleaning is reduced (between 50-75%).

By volume the amount of Accuracy Oil needed to properly lubricate firearms both in preparation and in the field would be approximately 1oz of Accuracy Oil for 8-16oz of a standard CLP (more on machine guns during suppression fire – up to 1oz to 32oz ratio).

What matters here is the average volume of lubricant used to maintain each firearm/year can decrease by 50-75%.

This does not consider the vast cost/benefits comparison of Accuracy Oil vs. any other product.

Third, money will be saved and budgets extended because asset life can increase (up to 25% – 500%), while at the same time and gun/barrel repair, maintenance and replacement costs should decrease.

This is due to lower operating temperatures, protection from corrosion, and significantly less metal wear.

Fourth, there are important potential costs of not using Accuracy Oil.

When firearms operate more effectively and efficiently, with greater accuracy, last longer and keep the firearms active in the fight with fewer malfunctions or need to swap out as many barrels, the odds swing more decidedly in our favor.

If inferior chemistry is used and a soldier is shot, wounded or killed that could have been prevented by using Accuracy Oil, what are the monetary costs, and most importantly, what are the human costs?


Accuracy Oil provides unmatched advantages to the operators, Armorers, and military as a whole.

It makes all firearms: reliable in all environments and conditions, shoot more accurately, extends time between cleaning (2-4X), cuts cleaning time (50-75%), makes guns last longer (50-500%), reduces heat by (10-40%), which allows more shots and less barrel change-outs, and minimizes the mirage effect, and prevents and removes corrosion.

It is a safe to use, GREEN, American made formula that can be readily produced at any quantity needed.

Because using one universal formula for all environments simplifies ordering purchasing, stocking, shipping, distribution, and product use training.

Plus the total volume of lubricant per year can be reduced to as little as 1/8th of current lubricant needs, and firearms will last from 25%-500% longer, it is a financially sound and wise use of budgetary dollars.

Most importantly, it gives soldiers who risk everything, a better chance at survival and success.



Carbon Destroyer is the “surface prep” product used before applying Accuracy Oil to guns.

It is an extremely important component in the firearm OPTIMIZATION process.

Unlike other cleaners that remove contaminants at the surface, this formula strips out embedded carbon on and several microns below the surface.

It detoxifies the metal, opening it up to absorb and load more of the friction reduction molecules in Accuracy Oil into the barrel and other parts of the gun.

In the clean/lube process, it is the shampoo and the Accuracy Oil is the conditioner.

Carbon Destroyer is an exceptionally powerful specialty carbon cleaner and degreaser that attacks and begins dissolving contaminants on contact.

This formula is a micro-emulsion of water and oil.

The long chain carbon molecules chemically combined with water are able to penetrate into the microscopic pores of the metal wherever carbon is present, combine with, and remove them.

This is similar to cleaning with gasoline, but it is a GREEN, safe product for the user, the environment, and all components in a firearm.

It is fully capable of removing Cosmoline.  It is excellent for use in ultra-sonic cleaning tanks at ambient temperatures (heat above 140° will break up the chemistry).

The parent product is certified and used by companies like Boeing, GE, McDonnell Douglas, Pratt & Whitney and others.

*     Available sizes – 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

*     This is not Hazmat reportable and safe for shipping.


Copper/Lead Destroyer is a proprietary blend of cleaners and surfactants formulated to remove copper, lead and the corrosive chloride residues brought about by exploding gun powder.

The active quick release surfactant molecules penetrate and wick under the embedded contaminants, loosening and dissolving the bonds that capture and hold the contaminants in place.

This mild smelling product does not use ammonia or other VOC containing solvents, but has the horse-power needed to dissolve embedded contaminants and place them into a colloidal suspension – ready to be wiped away.

It is simple to use, people friendly, earth friendly, won’t etch or harm the metals in your barrel, and is American made.

*    Available sizes – 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

*    This is not Hazmat reportable and safe for shipping.


Accuracy Grease is used in addition to Accuracy Oil where grease is either preferred or recommended by the manufacturer.

An advantage to using the grease is to hold and make more molecules available to the metal over a longer period of time, especially in cold weather.

Accuracy Grease may be used on all firearms with typical application areas to include: the rails, locking block, barrel, ejector, bolt, bolt carrier and trigger connector.

Like Accuracy Oil, this formula contains our proprietary active friction reduction molecules, but they are blended into a premium lithium grease base.

*    Available sizes – .25oz, 4oz, 5 gallon containers.

*    This is not Hazmat reportable and safe for shipping


Crystal Clear is a specialty optics, glass and multi-hard surface cleaner designed for safe and effective use on lens with specialty coatings, glasses, face masks, smart phones…

This proprietary lens cleaner & protectant will effectively remove smudges, spots and fingerprints without the use of harsh chemicals.

As it cleans, the formula lays down a nano thin layer of polymers onto the surface for protection.

Since the thin dense layer of particles are not of uniform shape and size, light waves that hit the particles, splinter and refract away in scattered directions, resulting in slightly improved HD clarity.

This property also gives it anti-static and anti-fog characteristics.

It is an excellent exterior gun cleaner too!

*    Available sizes – 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers.

*    This is not Hazmat reportable and safe for shipping.


The Starter Kit Plus contains: Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer, Copper/Lead Destroyer, Accuracy Grease and Crystal Clear.

The products are contained in an easy to carry, protective plastic case, which makes it easy to transport and use in the field.

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