This Increases The Velocity And Accuracy

I‘m Brian Davis, for the last five years, I’ve been using an experimental gun lubricant.

This is long before, this revolutionary product was available to the public market place.

This product is Modern Spartan Systems Spartan Accuracy Oil.

What makes Spartan Accuracy Oil so different?

It actually reworks the metal in the barrel.

What this means is, the lubricant penetrates the metal up to 12 microns. It penetrates at molecular level.

So, even though the metal appears smooth to the naked eye, under a microscope it is still rough.

What Spartan Accuracy Oil does is actually, fills in the rough spots, from high to the low.

As the bullet travels down the barrel, it takes off those high ridges and deposits the metal in those low spots.

It smooths out the barrel. This increases the velocity and accuracy.

It also extends the barrel life by at least 5 times.


The really interesting thing is, the more you use Spartan Accuracy Oil the better it performs.

It will take a box of shells to have your barrel reworked.

That’s when you will really see how the performance will take effect.
I recommend to break in your rifle before using Spartan Accuracy Oil. That will give your base line for your performance check.

The other interesting point for Spartan Accuracy Oil is cold weather performance.

After you apply Spartan Accuracy Oil and let it set for a few minutes, you wipe it dry.

This allows the Spartan Accuracy Oil to penetrate the metal.

A dry gun does not pick up dust! It helps your gun NOT to STICK, in cold weather.

I have had NO PROBLEMS in firing my rifles down to -35 degrees F.

No sticking firing pin and no sticking bolt.

Before using Spartan Accuracy Oil™ I can’t say the same thing.

I had typical cold weather problems. Now, I have had no problems.

I have two main hunting rifles, with which I hunt, and I do hunt.

In a typical year I hunt over 100 days. Forty plus days archery and sixty plus rifle.

I hunt trophy only. I see more animals than most but rarely shoot. I love the hunt!

The two rifles, I hunt with are older slide tang Ruger M77’s, a 300 Win Mag and a 30-06 mountain rifle ultra light.

The 300 Win Mag has a 24 inch barrel.

I shoot 180 grain boat tail spitzers, with 72 grains of IMR 4831 powder and CCI magnum primers.
The manual says it should shoot at 2951 ft/sec.

Before Spartan Accuracy Oil, I averaged 2942 ft/sec.

After Spartan Accuracy Oil the velocity average is 3186 ft/sec.

This is the same load.

I have no signs of excess pressure on the brass.

This rifle is set up for long range shooting.

It has a Leupold VX III 6.5 X 20 power scope with a turret and dial good out 1000 yards.

At 300 yards I have hit inside a silver dollar sized target 3 out of 3 shots.

I have taken a 6X6 bull elk at 724 yards, according to my Leica range finder, with one shot.

Spartan Accuracy Oil™ is Performance I Have Proved.

The 30-06 Ruger has 19 ¾ inch light barrel, it weighs 6 ¼ pounds empty without my 2 X 7 Leupold scope.

This is the rifle I use in thick timber.

I have killed bull elk out to 550 yards with this rifle.

I have used this rifle for thirty years. I know this weapon!

550 yards is as far as I feel comfortable about hitting my target with this rifle.

I shoot 180 grain boat tail spitzers, with 56 grains of IMR 4831 powder, and CCI large rifle primers.

The manual says, with a 24 inch barrel it should shoot 2684 ft/sec.
Before Spartan Accuracy Oil, the velocity was about 2590 ft/sec.

With Spartan Accuracy Oil I’m shooting with an average velocity of 2713 ft/sec.

I have a very light rifle with more knock down power than its full size cousin.

This again, is Performance I Have Proved.

– I’m Brian Davis, I’m 59 years old.

The first time I shot a rifle I was 3 years old. It was a 22 rifle.

I shot a gallon Clorox bottle off a fence post on our farm near Lava Hot Spring, Idaho. I remember it well.

I have been an avid shooter all my life.

At age 12 I earned my own 22 Remington single shot rifle. That was earliest my mother would allow me to have my own gun.

Today I am the local president of the Bitterroot Long Beards and on the state board of directors for the National Wild Turkey Federation, for the last 6 years.

I give lectures on elk calling and hunting. I wrote the Ten Commandments of Elk Hunting.

In September 2010 Hunting Illustrated published my article on these Ten Commandments.

It is the largest article they have ever published, over 6000 words.

I attest to the truthfulness of this statement of facts.

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