Spartan Accuracy Oil Friction Reduction = Cooler Barrels Demo

Below are two field tests that were done to show that Spartan Accuracy Oil™ reduces barrel friction, which in turn will also reduce barrel temperatures. These tests were done with a professional grade FLIR EXX Series infrared camera by very experienced shooters.

TEST – 1

Two identical rifles (except for the furniture) from Midland Armory were used for this test. Each started cold at ambient air temperature. Ten (10) rounds of 5.56 NATO M855 FMJ ball rounds were rapid fired and barrel temps were immediately taken.

Test rifle 1 used CLP as IT’S lubricant and recorded barrel temps for spots 1 & 2 both at 112° immediately after shooting the ten (10) rounds.

Test rifle 2 used Spartan Accuracy Oil as its lubricant and recorded 95° on spot 1 and 89° on spot 2 immediately after shooting the ten (10) rounds.

Conclusion: The 2nd rifle barrel with Accuracy Oil was about 20° or 18% cooler than the rifle treated with CLP.

TEST – 2

We rapid fired two (2) strings of 20 rounds of Tula 55 gr FMJ through a Bushmaster M4 Carbine with a 16” barrel in order to see the friction reduction impact of Accuracy Oil on the barrel temperature. The first string of rounds started with a cool barrel that had been treated with CLP. Immediately after shooting we registered the barrel temperature. To prepare for the second round of firing, we let the barrel cool back down to ambient before using Carbon Destroyer (from Modern Spartan Systems) and a bore snake to completely clean the barrel. Once clean, we applied the Accuracy Oil. This consisted of a light application down the barrel followed by firing one round. This re-lubrication process was repeated two (2) more times. Once the barrel had completely cooled 20 more rounds were fired, and the barrel temperature was retaken.

*Note that MSS recommends a much more thorough break-in process to maximize performance.

This infrared camera picture shows the barrel temperature after firing first string of 20 rounds.

These infrared camera pictures show the barrel temperature after treating the barrel and firing the second string of 20 rounds.

Conclusion: The barrel temperature was about 31° or 15% cooler after being treated with Accuracy Oil.

Overall Conclusion: The use of Modern Spartan Systems Accuracy Oil will reduce friction as demonstrated by the reduction in barrel temperature. A cooler barrel is a more accurate and consistent firearm.



Chris Williams has had a passion for shooting since the age of 6, and after 25 years, he is still a student of the gun. He is involved on several firearm blogs and is a contributing staff member for Universal Shooting Sports. Chris enjoys not only competitive shooting, but also loading his own ammo, building and maintaining his own weapons, and regularly teaches and introduces new shooters to the sport.

Zack Frank has been competing in trap leagues, sporting clay and practical pistol matches since the age of 13. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, he has hunted every small and large game firearms season that Minnesota has to offer. He also enjoys refurbishing old shotguns as well doing his own gunsmith work on pistols and rifles to ensure they perform to his standards. Zack is a contributing staff member of MNcarry, manages several social media pages and stays active within his local carry rights group, often helping to rally folks together in the fight to preserve our 2nd amendment rights.

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