Real World “country Style” Review

Real World “Country Style” Review


I am responding to let you know how I feel about your products – Copper/Lead DestroyerCarbon Destroyer and Accuracy Oil.  As an avid trapper, the performance of my firearms is extremely important to me, especially in the winter when I run my lines.  After hearing about the claims of your products I was very skeptical (heard all this stuff before), but took the challenge and tried them on several of my guns.  This is what I have found.

The first rifle that I used it in is a 204 Ruger.  This rifle had a rough barrel and was very hard to clean, usually taking me more than 30 minutes after about only 10 shots.  I ran the products about 5 times through the barrel, as per the conditioning instructions, and was pleased to discover how much easier and faster is was to clean.  It now takes only about 10 minutes, and the accuracy has also improved.

Another gun that I used it in is my 22-250 Ackley Improved.  I have shot this gun for about 15 years.  Using a 55 grain bullet at a muzzle velocity around 3840 fps, I noticed the accuracy was going downhill, maybe grouping at   1 ½ -2” at 100 yards.  After using the 3 products, I was immediately impressed by the smoothness of the action and excitedly found the accuracy went to a 1/2′ shot placement.  It smoothed out the throat of the barrel, and like the 204 Ruger, made cleaning a breeze.

When it comes to cleaning semi-automatic shotgun, I’ve concluded that nothing works better than Carbon Destroyer.  This formula removed the carbon from the port holes like nothing I have used before.  Just for kicks, I ran the Spartan Accuracy Oil through it and it made the velocity a little more consistent.

I feel that these products have made my guns come back to life.  I highly recommend them and think that they are great for use in ANY type of firearm.  Thanks for a great American Made product!


Mr. Kent J. Butler – Trapper/Hunter – Utah

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