Review Of Accuarcy Oil , Carbon Destoryer And Copper / Lead Destoryer

Dawn Allen – Copy editor, Firearms Enthusiast, Friend of NRA Committee Member

Review of Modern Spartan Systems:

  • Spartan Accuracy Oil
  • Carbon Destroyer
  • Copper/Lead Destroyer

After watching the online videos and speaking with Marcus of Modern Spartan Systems, we were anxious to try the products on our firearms. We cleaned our handguns in preparation for a night at the range with friends. We particularly wanted to focus on seeing the difference Modern Spartan Systems would make on our Ruger SR 1911 .45 caliber. Following the procedures, we cleaned the Ruger with the Copper/Lead Destroyer and then the Carbon Destroyer, followed by the Spartan Accuracy Oil before we left for the range. Once at the range, after firing the fourth round through the 1911, we again used the Carbon Destroyer, followed by the Spartan Accuracy Oil. We repeated this procedure three times. At the end of the third cleaning, there was noticeably less residue on our cleaning patch. One of our shooting pals asked about my groupings, and commented on how he couldn’t believe how much improved they were over my norm. In addition, after we finished up our testing, it was apparent that the 1911 had much less residue than normal. The stainless barrel on the 1911 tends to really show residue, but for a change it was shiny and clean. We’re sold on the products, and look forward to treating the rest of our arsenal with Spartan systems. 

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