Dexter Bradley

Hey everyone, for those of you who don’t know me my name is Dexter Bradley. I have been a competitive shooter for 10 years now and have multiple sectional, and area wins, along with multiple high place finishes at the USPSA Open Nationals. Modern Spartan Systems started sponsoring me about 3 years ago and I am happy to say that I have never used a product that is so reliable and efficient. I noticed an immediate difference with the accuracy oil, just by putting the oil in high wear locations, like the frame and slide rails and the barrel. I was very surprised with the results the accuracy oil gave me. the cycle speed of the handgun felt faster as well as smoother. I used the accuracy oil to treat the barrel and noticed an increase in muzzle velocity, but due to the tight tolerances of the handgun the group didn’t tighten by much, at about 25 yards a 5 shot group was about the size of a quarter before i treated the barrel, after the barrel treatment i noticed a slight improvement in the accuracy of the firearm. I really like the product and will for sure keep using it on all of my firearms.