Dream Products For Competition Shooters

Dream Products for COMPETITION Shooters

I have been shooting 3gun for several years and am an open class shooter.  And anyone that knows anything about 3gun knows the importance of keeping your equipment running.  During the journey of my first season, I realized that the biggest thing to keeping your guns running are cleaning and lubing them.  The question was which cleaners and which lubes?  Keeping my Tooth and Nail Armory Akdal 1919 running was a really big challenge, especially in ALL different weather conditions we faced.  I found my answer.  I had the honor to get a hold of some Accuracy Oil and Carbon Destroyer from Modern Spartan Systems at the Michigan Multi-gun Championship, and after applying these products I have never had another “issue” keeping my Akdal 1911 or any of my other guns running at optimal levels, regardless of even extreme weather conditions.  These products have proven themselves to me and to many people to be the best cleaners and lubes on the market. With the correct conditioning it is even proven to decrease group size.  And due to the longevity of the lube itself, I can compete and shoot all day worry-free without needing to clean or re-lube during a match. I am sold, love and strongly recommend Spartan products!

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