Simply No Better Product On The Market Today!

Al Noraker – Vice President Product Management at Eagle Claw / Wright and McGill Co.

Dear Marcus, I must tell you that I’m very happy we first met as I was developing our new W&M Victory Pro Carbon casting reels! As I have told you, our goal was to develop one of the lightest, fastest and smoothest functioning casting reels in the industry! Our new reel features an all carbon body frame that brings the reel in at just 5.6 ounces! It also features a graphite handle and comfortable EVA handle paddles, 10 ultra-smooth ball bearings, carbon disc drag and more. To build such a high end reel for professional fisherman required us to find the finest cleaner and lubricant possible and that is exactly what I believe we have found in Modern Spartan Systems Posei Clean and Posei Slick! I’ve tested and used almost every possible lubricant available and I’m confident that there is simply no better product on the market today! As good as our reels are, they simply perform even better when lubricated with Posei Slick! They are super quiet, casting distances are dramatically increased and I love that they perform better in cold weather situations. I’ve also heard from our pro staff that the performance of Posei Slick is improvement function and product life in salt water environments. Thank you so much for introducing us to your cleaners and lubricants as I’m confident that consumers and fishing pro’s are going to have an even better experience because of these products!

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