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Maintaining your firearm is a key point to keeping them shooting properly. Modern Spartan Systems is in the market to help you with all those needs. If it’s cleaning, oiling, greasing, or anything else you might need to maintain that firearm, they have you covered. I received one of their “Starter Kit Plus”, some Blade Oil, and even an engine additive. I’ll try to inform you about the products and how they worked for me.

Modern Spartan systems uses a Nano Shield technology to make their products. This Nano Shield allows molecular particles to penetrate and fill in microscopic gaps in metal. It does this through heat activation. Some parts, like barrels, will do this under their own heat. Other parts might need to be heated in an oven to obtain this. But mainly, just put it on and use it as normal. It effectively smooths out all the rough spots that one can only see under a microscope.

Another thing that makes the Modern Spartan System products stand out is their “green” labeling. Essentially their products are marked “green” or “earth friendly”. They use the definition of green from the EPA. The EPA standard says that they must be either biodegradable or inert. Modern Spartan Systems does, almost jokingly, say “Although we are not recommending that you ingest our products or use them as salad dressing, our formulas are generally quite safe to work with.” So if you are worried about harsh chemicals, these might be what you need. These products work just as good, better in my opinion, then those caustic ones you are used to.

The Starter Kit Plus is exactly that, a kit that includes all the cleaning and lubrication you need. It comes with the Modern Spartan Systems Accuracy Oil, Carbon Destroyer, Accuracy Grease, Copper/Lead Destroyer, and Crystal Clear.

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