I Thought Their Claims Were Too Good To Be True

Raymond Sanders – Hooks and Arrows Adventures

When I first heard about Modern Spartan, I thought their claims were too good to be true. Reluctantly, I tried their cleaning system, and to be fair to them, I asked one of my friends and staff members to try it out as well. We picked out a verity of guns, two AR 15’s, two pistols, and two muzzle loaders. We followed the directions, and found that the more we cleaned the guns the easier it became to clean them. We found that after each cleaning our shot group got tighter and tighter. We have never had any product clean our weapons this well. I also found that Modern Spartan increases accuracy and is not effected by heat or by cold weather. I found other uses for the product such as cleaning and lubing my wife’s sewing machine, which works better the ever. Thanks Modern Spartan Systems

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