Some Of The Best Innovations We Have Seen To The Shooting Industry…

Hi Marcus, To expand on why we like your products: We’ve tried everything from Duralube, Slick50, gun oils and greases over a period of 25 years – and pretty much all of them have “evaporated” when firing or created sludge/burnt oil smell. Our test is usually shooting in practice 400 to 500 rounds. After practice, “yes” the gun is dirty, but it is still well lubricated with the Modern Spartan Systems oil. I’ve been shooting an Open gun since 1996, and the best piece of equipment that has come out, other than an Aftek extractor, is your MSS system. And yes, “your products are some of the best innovations we have seen to the shooting industry in years.” DVC, Medha Russell (aka “May”)


  • 4-Time IPSC Canadian Nationals – Open Lady Champion
  • 11-Time IPSC Ontario Provincials – Open Lady Champion
  • 11-Time IPSC Quebec Provincials – Open Lady Champion
  • 2010 received Ottawa Sports Award for outstanding accomplishments in the Shooting (Pistol) category
  • 2008 Florida Open – Open Lady Champion 2005 USPSA Nationals – ranked Top Ten Ladies in Open Division
  • 2003 IPSC Level III Quebec Provincials – Match Winner/Top Overall Open Division
  • 2-Time IPSC World Championships competitor
    • 1999 Philippines on Canadian Ladies Open Team
    • 2003 South Africa sole Canadian Open Lady competitor
  • National Range Officer Institute (NROI) Canada – Chief Range Officer
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