Patriot Clean Fuel Case Study

Subject: TVT Trial and Analysis


Patriot Clean Fuel (PCF) conducted an independent test of the TVT product.  The sample vehicles included (3) Dodge Ram 2500 pickup trucks equipped with Cummins Turbo Diesel engines and (1) Ford F350 with 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel.  Two of the Dodge test vehicles have sequential serial numbers and proved to be excellent test vehicles for our inhouse trial.  Our TVT testing started in all vehicles after the break in period of 25,000 miles and spanned through several oil changes to 50,000 miles.  Oil changes were completed at the recommended intervals and oil samples were collected and sent to the laboratory for detailed analysis.

Currently all vehicles are using the TVT as recommended at the maintenance treatment quantities at every oil change.  As part of our baseline testing, we sampled all engine oils in all vehicles before introducing TVT.  Engine oil testing was completed and maintained by an independent third-party ASTM engine oil analysis and reporting company.

Test data:

  • (3) Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo
  • (1) Ford F350 6.7 Power Stroke
  • 25,000 miles to 50,000 miles
  • Initial treatment per recommended amounts
  • Maintenance treatment per recommended amounts
Product application & costs:
  • The same TVT formula can be used in engines, differentials, transfer case, manual transmissions, power steering, and in the fuel system (gas of diesel).  For this current round of testing we only applied TVT into the engines.
  • The initial application into the engine was done at the recommended 2oz/qt (6% by volume) of oil which equaled 24oz of TVT being used for the Dodge Ram AND 24oz being used for the Ford F350.
  • Subsequent applications were made after each oil change by adding the recommended 1oz/qt (3% by volume) into the engines 12oz of TVT for the Dodge Ram AND 12oz for the Ford F350).
  • The MSRP cost per/oz based on amount purchased ranges from $1.10 to $1.90/oz (sizes offered are 16oz, 1 gallon, 5 galloon and 55 gallon drum).  We purchased a 5 gallon drum, which breaks down to about $1.20/oz.
  • Our product cost at the MSRP rate to treat the engine of the Dodge Ram on the initial application was $28.80 and subsequent applications were $14.40.
  • Our product cost to treat the engine of the Ford F350 on the initial application was $28.80 and subsequent applications were $14.40.
  • This is a “user blind” test.  None of the drivers were made aware that TVT or any other additive was being tested in the trucks they drive so as not to skew driving patterns.
Analysis and results:
  • There were NO adverse engine wears concerns.
  • Due to the improved lubricity as recorded in the ASTM analysis the lab indicated that we can now push engine oil to 5,000 additional miles for the next test cycle.
  • Extended intervals were noted from monitoring the Oil Life on board monitoring. Currently we believe the cycles were pushed out by 10%-15%, but since the onboard diagnostic monitoring program for both MFG vehicles has a predetermined cut off, we do not know the true limit.  The oil analysis from the ASTM laboratory will compare the cycles and past cycle push out to the next oil change.
  • Oil was changed at the required 10,000 miles interval and testing identified that the engine oil use could have been extended. In the next round of testing we will extend the interval by 25% or approximately 2,500 additional miles and analyze the oil.
  • We documented 8% under load and 10% not under load fuel mileage improvements in all vehicles.  Slightly lower results in the Ford documentation.  This equated to @ 1.5-2.0 MPG improvement.  Before the TVT treatment the average MPG under loaded conditions was 10-12MPG and unloaded 15-18MPG.  When trailering heavy loads over the road we determined that additional idle time factored into the lower than anticipated MPG reporting.
Comments and approximate savings calculations and ROI:
  • There are several ways to calculate fuel savings, and to get these numbers we have been precise with the baseline data.  We based our numbers on an average diesel fuel price at the current national rate of $3.50/gallon. We calculated our MPG on both the on-board fuel MPG calculator AND on actual fuel used per trip and miles driven as measured on the OD per each trip.  We also monitor miles driven using GPS navigation.  The vehicles tested averaged over 1,000 miles driven per week.
  • We estimated fuel savings ranging from .28 to .35 cents/gallon. Our fuel tanks carry either 145 or 165 gallons.  The fuel savings per fill up ranges from $40.60 to $57.75.  Another way to look at savings is for every 10,000 miles driven between oil changes; we are saving between 45 and 100 gallons of fuel or between $157.50 and $350.00.  If we change oil 5X/year that equates to between 225 and 500 less gallons used or between $787.50 and $1,750.00 saved per truck.
  • The basic ROI on the fuel savings per oil change every 10,000 miles on the initial application at an approximate cost of $30.00 for TVT GREEN ranges from 5.25X to 11.5X, and on subsequent applications at an approximate cost of $15.00 for TVT Green ranges from 10.5X to 23X.
  • TVT cost for treatment, increased lubricity and the increase in fuel mileage as noted gives us the confidence that the added cost for the treatment product offers significant value to the end user.
Unaccounted for benefits that count:
There are other advantages gained that would impact ROI that we are not calculating, but due to empirical data and experience with the TVT formula are real and need to be introduced to the equation.
  • Due to dramatically less friction (about 90%) there is less metal wear and less heat (lower operating temperatures), which leads to:
  1. Lower maintenance costs
  2. Longer asset life
  3. Lower CO2 emission
  • In the current 2nd round of testing, we are adding TVT to the differentials on each truck.  This should add additional MPG fuel savings.
  • The 3rd round of testing will involves us putting TVT into the fuel, which should further increase fuel efficiency.  The frequency and cost needed to maximize the ROI on this use need to be determined.
Bottom Line:
After careful, well planned testing for over a year, Patriot Clean Fuel fully endorses and recommends Modern Spartan Systems’ TVT Green Engine/Vehicle Treatment.  We believe that all trucking and transportation companies would financially benefit from using it regularly.
Patriot Clean Fuel
Craig Sullivan
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