It Took About 5 Minutes To See The Power Of Carbon Destroyer.

Ed C- Ballistics Expert

As you know, we have been testing and using the Modern Spartan Systems products for quite some time. Initially we were expectedly skeptical of the claims. That said, it took about 5 minutes to see how powerful the Carbon Destroyer was. Never ever thought I would see a water-based cleaner that was so much more effective at removing carbon than solvents. The copper/lead cleaner is the best we have ever used, plus it smells nice. Then we used the Accuracy Oil. They told us about the unique chemistry and how it cut friction, but it wasn’t until we used it and did chronograph testing that we became believers. The test results showed phenomenally low standard deviation and extreme spread values, plus higher velocity. The harder, smoother “throat” and barrel, really do translate into enhanced accuracy. Your Ackley has a basic treatment with Accuracy Oil. You will see how smooth the rifle feels, but I want you to tell me what it does to your accuracy? With your shooting background, I believe you will understand what I am saying. Note that once you use the full break-in procedure as presented in the video, you will see even better results.


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