Your Products Work

Rissa West – Weatherbyman

We are unbiased and have tested many products in our Hyper Velocity weapons and no other products worked as well. We are honored to know you and we appreciate the FB Friendship. You may share and re-post these comments. Your products work and work so well we are recommending them as standard products with our rifles and premium kits for our customers. The 30-378 is very tough on rifles even our full out customs but your products help to dramatically reduce barrel and throat wear and we have proven this over 1,000 rounds on a barrel that was already shot 1,000 rounds. Standard life of the barrel is 700 rounds and the accuracy is still outstanding. We are shooting well out to 700 -1,000 yards weekly and the group size has improved at over 2,000 rounds on a barrel designed for 700 rounds and we are still grouping about 6.7? at 1,000 yards and .478? at 300 yards. I would confirm your product works.

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