Improvements Were Truly Real….

Well, I’m writing because I had the chance to use your Modern Spartan Systems Accuracy Oil and Carbon Destroyer. I’ve had the chance to use it before with my Glock .380 ACP and my CZ 75B Kadet .22 LR, improvements were evident, but my experience yesterday was even better. Yesterday I used MSS products on my 1911 Colt .22 LR Conversion unit, as you may know they are really fun to shoot but tend to be really temperamental. With the use of Accuracy Oil, improvements were truly real: no jams, reduced misfeeds (I experienced some of them by the 500+ rounds, usually they showed up after 200+ rounds), carbon build up was minimal (it is also a dirty gun because of the Floating Chamber, specially with Mexican made rounds) and easily removed with the Carbon Destroyer, almost no scrubbing was needed. Before these experiences, my 1911 Colt .22 LR Conversion unit wasn’t in the list to be used on a Zombie Apocalypse, now it is, along with an Accuracy Oil bottle. Summing up, it made my shooting more fun, more pleasant, more reliable and made my cleaning much more easy.

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