Wow My Gun Was Funky…

Raychel Shaw – East Texas Firearms Training / Shoot-Like-A-Girl

Part 1

Hey Marcus, I just wanted to let you know I did in fact get some product in! I’ve gone through the cleaning process and let me just say WOW my gun was FUNKY… and I’ve cleaned it! The carbon destroyer and copper and lead destroyer found and eradicated more gunk than I dreamed it was possible of harboring given I had already cleaned it and hadn’t fired it since I last cleaned it! I need to go through the conditioning of the barrel and put the rest to the test but ran out of time before my trip so I’ll get with you after I’ve been able to do so!

Part 2

Alright Marcus here’s what I can say so far. After I returned from my trip I had a class where a client ended up needing to use my gun for proficiency. It failed to feed after every round “tap rack and rock” wasn’t working different ammo wasn’t working. I was concerned thinking running those 450 rounds through it in succession a few weeks back had caused some damage. I never the less broke out my Modern Spartan starter kit and applied 4 drops of accuracy oil in the ejection port and down the barrel and lubed. I can say I haven’t had a problem since. For this I am truly grateful. I’ve begun combating stoppages in clients guns and sharing this story. Obviously the class who experienced it were truly impressed! I haven’t had an opportunity to test it long range yet with a rifle but still intend to.

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