Plastic Remover For Shotgun Wads

Modern Spartan Systems products work as advertised!

To preface this review, I am a firearms instructor who likes to shoot long distance handgun and rifle often.

The Carbon Destroyer and Copper/Lead remover do clean the barrels of my firearms much more quickly and without the toxicity or strong smell of traditional bore solvents. In my experience, the Accuracy Oil does indeed reduce group size and keeps the barrel cleaner much longer. I always apply it to the bore of every handgun i plan to use out to 100yds and every rifle I take out to distance.

For an example, I took a stock Glock 32 with a .40S&W conversion barrel and steel night sights from one of my students and shot it at 100yds. Groups were about 15″ wide on an A-zone steel target. After treating the bore, groups shrank down to approx. 10″ with the same ammo (that’s a 30% increase in accuracy and reduction in group size!). The whole class was shocked at the improvement and wanted their own firearms treated. I now treat all barrels for my students to eliminate the possibility of mechanical error in accuracy that results from the rough machining of barrels.

I use the Accuracy grease as firearm lubricant and it really smooths the actions as well as reducing the recoil impulse. It may look/smell like standard red lithium grease but trust me, it’s way smoother and less tacky in comparison. I have an AR that was lubricated with Accuracy Grease and fired approx. 2000rds with no evaporation of lubricant; I can’t say that for any other lubricant on the market.

That same AR shoots sub-MOA at 400yds without the barrel having been cleaned since it was treated with Accuracy Oil when it was first purchased. (Target pic for proof, 4rds of Hornady 55gr VMAX at 400yds, measured at 3.4″ group)

I had a shotgun barrel with heavy plastic fouling. Hoppes No. 9 and CLP both failed to remove the carbon and plastic residue effectively despite hours of cleaning with solvent and bronze brushes. Two applications of Accuracy Oil to the barrel coupled with a bronze brush made my barrel spotless with patches just covered in carbon/plastic goo. After cleaniny, that barrel was treated with Accuracy Oil and recoil/group size was reduced about 10%. After 20rds, the barrel is still spotless! No plastic or lead deposits anywhere only unburnt powder. Look at that bore shine!

If you’re serious about your firearms, I couldn’t think of a better series of products to protect your investment.

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