In An Operation Where Firearms Are Required Only Two Things Count…

Thom Hawke – Military

The Spartans In an operation where firearms are required only two things count—consistent accuracy and functionality! My group has tested and used these formulas for over 18 months in the most difficult environments and hostile situations from the tropics to the desert, from the mountains to the jungle. We applied the total MSS system (cleaners and lubricants) to weapons ranging from .338’s to our SS226, from MP5SD’s to our HK MK23’s and M-4’s. We have consistently attained higher velocities, smaller shot groups, cleaner operation and overall greater accuracy from all weapons. We have had only one functional stoppage in tens of thousands of rounds and that was due to a misguided rock. It cleans better than anything we have ever used especially the copper/ lead cleaner. The difference in performance is demonstrative across the board. Take the test yourself, clean your weapon with your normal kit, then clean it again with MSS and see the difference for yourself. I’ll leave the scientific stuff to the scientist. This stuff works in the real world!

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