That Carbon Destroyer Is Amazing!!

Morning Marcus… Well, got some range time in this weekend and dumped about 1000 rounds of 5.56, 9mm, 45LC and 22LR… Everything functioned flawlessly as expected. Got reprimanded by range staff for some rapid fire but all in all, had a great time. I will say, the cleaning time was DRASTICALLY reduced and had 4 Glocks, 5 ARs, one 45LC carbine and one 45LC revolver striped, cleaned, lubed and reassembled in under an hour by myself… That carbon destroyer is AMAZING!!! I would have given a kidney for this stuff when I was marine infantry….lol… It also cleaned 2 conversion kits we ran and pulled off carbon that had been caked on for a year… without having to scrape it… I used a soft tooth brush and it came right off… The accuracy grease made my lever action 45 feel like it was on roller bearings… I split it up into 10ml bottles I had in the garage and passed it out to a few people who were just as impressed as I was… I still haven’t had the chance to use the TVT in the rear differential I told you about but hopefully I’ll take care of that soon… I did manage to get a few video clips of the expressions on the guys faces after they cycled their weapons from CLP to the Modern Spartan Systems accuracy oil and it’s priceless…lol… All smiles and a lot of cussing (typical military)….lol… Thanks again!!!

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