Tvt Green Machine Cutting Oil Shines For Major Railroads

Modern Spartan Systems

When rail lines need to be changed out, they need to drill 1 1/4? holes through 1 1/2? of 65 Rockwell hardened steel to bolt them together. The average bit life is 2-4 holes, and the cost can be over $80/bit. The guys at a major RR saw something they had never seen before using our TVT Green Machine Cutting Oil, they successfully drilled 10 test holes with one bit AND the bit was still in great shape. But this is where it gets good and proves that we change the surface structure of metal, making it harder / smoother / tighter. Instead of following “conditioning protocol” on the drill bit, they simply brushed the TVT Green Machine Cutting Oil on once and started drilling. The short version is that they “dry-drilled” 9 of the 10 holes, that means NO additional lubricant was used (unheard of). Over the next few weeks at last count, they were at 35 holes and still going with the same bit. A second major railroad has seen the same “super successful” results, which will save them tens of thousands of $/year AND is only one of the many application possibilities.

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