The Best Firearm Chemistry On The Planet!

Product Review: Modern Spartan Systems

The BEST Firearm Chemistry on the PLANET!


I want to tell you a story about cleaning and lubricating your firearms. I know it’s not cool, fun, or high speed, but it’s important. Law enforcement officers must re-qualify yearly with any and all firearms they use in the line of duty. At one time I was required to re-qualify with my SIG Sauer duty pistol, M4 rifle, Remington 870 shotgunHK MP-5, and the less lethal, SAGE Ordnance SL-6 Baton launcher. Depending on the department, their budget, and manpower, some officers may only re-qualify ONCE a year! I’m telling you this for a reason. At almost every re-qualification, someone had a firearm, usually a pistol, that malfunctioned after firing a few rounds! Do you know what the number one cause was of the malfunction was? You guessed it, lubrication! You may have heard that it gets really hot in Florida. It also rains frequently, and then the state turns into a sauna. You know what happens when firearms are exposed to these types of elements? The lubricants tend to wash off and start to drip out of the bottom of the holster, and then weapons start to rust. When weapons start to rust, they tend to lock up and don’t function. A lot of things in Law Enforcement are beyond your control, but a poorly maintained weapon is not one of them! I don’t want an officer who does not maintain their weapon to back me on a call. When bad things happen and firearms are needed, I don’t want to hear “Click.” That, by the way is loudest sound you’ll hear in a gunfight! Regardless of your profession, keep your weapons maintained because your life may depend on it!

The Solution:

I’m always looking for better systems particularly with regards to firearms, so I spoke with Marcus Kahn, founding partner and CEO at Modern Spartan Systems. When it comes to firearms, he told me that Spartan Chemistry is the most advanced optimizing chemistry on the planet! Modern Spartan products Optimize metal and Maximize performance of every firearm, fishing reel, engine, or bladed tool! Optimization is accomplished by first using their proprietary super cleaners which detoxify (deep clean the metal.) There’s a lot of contaminants in the pores of the metal which Spartan products will remove. Then it’s time for Spartan Accuracy oil. By first cleaning and then lubricating, metal to metal friction is reduced up to 90% by changing the surface structure characteristics of the metal. Spartan products make metal harder, smoother, and tighter on a microscopic level. When tolerances are reduced, accuracy improves! Spartan products are long lasting also!

Marcus sent me their starter kit which consists of their Carbon DestroyerSpartan Accuracy OilCopper/Lead DestroyerSpartan Accuracy Grease, and Crystal Clear for Optics. I tested the Spartan line on my SIG Sauer 226 duty pistol with amazing results. The cleaners produced by Spartan will pull a lot of garbage out of your firearm. I cleaned my pistol with the products I normally use. I then cleaned the pistol using the Spartan carbon destroyer. The patches were dirty! The Spartan cleaner will get microscopic levels of carbon, etc. out of your firearm. Then after applying Spartan Accuracy Oil, I could feel and see the difference. Groups were a bit smaller, and my pistol functioned smoother. The Spartan Optimizing system will make your firearm physics better.

The Verdict:

After testing the Modern Spartan Systems line of Optimization products, myself, I am sold! All my firearms will now be optimized! But wait! there’s more, Modern spartan systems products are not just for firearms. Spartan has products for boats, outboard engines, ATV’s, fishing reels, and cars & trucks! For you Off Roaders out there, their TVT Green engine oil additive is for you! In field tests, demonstrations, and the real world, engines treated with this additive have kept going for hundreds of miles, even after all the oil has been drained! That’s some peace of mind should you ever damage your oil pan while out in the wild! Take a look at Modern Spartan Systems line of products for all your toys, you won’t be sorry.

That’s all for now folks! Please keep sending in your questions, tips, and article ideas. And as always – “Let’s Be Careful Out There”!

Friedrich Seiltgen is a retired Master Police Officer with 20 years of service with the Orlando Police Department. He conducts training in Lone Wolf Terrorism, Firearms, and Active Shooter Response. His writing has appeared in RECOILThe Counter TerroristSoldier of FortuneAmerican ThinkerHomeland Security Today, and The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International. Contact him at

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