Carbon Destroyer


Carbon Destroyer™ is the most advanced Carbon removal formula around, plus it is GREEN. Carbon attracts carbon, so you want to remove ALL of it. Carbon Destroyer™ is an aerospace certified, water-based penetrating solvent that cleans above and below the surface, deep into the microscopic gaps of the substrate. It is what is called a “micro-emulsion” (a proprietary blend of water & oil). It truly has “Carbon Blasting” power.

Carbon Destroyer™ has “shock & awe” power. This proprietary formula was originally designed to replace dangerous high VOC solvents used to remove the heavy baked-on carbon deposits from fighter jet engines and machine gun ports, such as on the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger and its cannons. It quickly and aggressively destroys the carbon, including the deeply embedded carbon hiding in the microscopic gaps of the substrate. Shooters tell us all the time that “it is BY FAR the BEST FIREARM CLEANER ON THE MARKET.” (Watch the video to see carbon melt away).


1 Gallon, 16 oz, 2 oz

3 reviews for Carbon Destroyer

  1. Aloysius Sypniewski (verified owner)

    Efficiently cleans the firearm. Smells nice; not the least bit unpleasant.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Mac Brackenrich (verified owner)

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