Posei Fishing Bundle


This three in one bundle gives you our fishing products and you will save $3.00 when you package them together. Experience what the Posiden Posei line of products can do for your gear.

POSEI Clean™ Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING fishing reel OPTIMIZATION formulas on the PLANET


What it is

Poseidon was the mighty Greek god of the sea that the Spartans worshiped. Modifying and applying our game changing proprietary chemical technologies for the fishing market, we have created a three formula “SYSTEM” with “Poseidon-like Power” for fishing reels. This TRIDENT of amazing chemistry will not only help to protect and extend the life of your reels, but it will MAXIMIZE the PERFORMANCE and the ENJOYMENT you get from them. Keep the oil and grease off of hard plastic, such as push-button releases, it will soften certain hard plastics.

Posei-Clean™ – “Premier reel & gear cleaner”

This is your “SURFACE PREP” formula that removes the contaminants that cause wear and damage to the moving parts of your reels. Posei-Clean™ is a phenomenal, penetrating cleaner that deep-cleans away unwanted dirt, old gritty grease, and crusty mineral build-up that negatively impacts the performance and lifespan of your, often expensive, assets. It is also GREAT for cleaning the exterior of your reels, tackle boxes, and other gear.

(Available in 2oz – larger sizes coming soon)

What it does

POSEI Clean™ Advantages

  • This is your surface prep for fishing reels
  • Designed to remove dirt, oils, and light grease
  • Removes salts, chlorides, and minerals
  • Removes natural & synthetic compounds
  • Penetrates deep into the bearings and gears… to clean out micro pores and gaps
  • Water-based solvent – safe on all metals, most plastics, rubber…
  • Earth & people friendly – a GREEN formula
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Why you should have POSEI Clean™

Question: WHY clean and lube your fishing reels, especially with POSEI products?

Answer: Debris free reels that operate with extremely low friction function at a higher level, last longer and help you to land more fish – and NOTHING on the MARKET does it better than Spartan’s POSEI trio!

Your fishing reel is a “tool” – our “system” OPTOMIZES that “tool”. The ENEMIES that diminish the “tool’s” ability to perform at a maximum level are CONTAMINANTS (dirt, sand, salts…) and FRICTION. The unique chemistry available to you is phenomenal. Posei-Clean™ penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate to remove contaminants, leaving NO residue, and opening up the surface to absorb the Posei-Slick™ and Posei-Reel Grease™. The Posei-Slick™ penetrates and changes the surface structure of the parts being lubricated. It makes them harder and smoother, which reduces friction up to 85-90% (a magnitude better than other products). For even more long-lasting protection, we advise using lubricate the ball bearings, gear-drag mechanism, steel spindle for the line spool and the crank assembly… with Posei-Reel-Grease.


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