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A STARTER KIT PLUS™ is the TOTAL GREEN PACKAGE of technologies all contained in a convenient click-box! Using our “clean/lube SYSTEM” of awesome chemistry is an investment that goes way beyond simple “maintenance” and into firearm “OPTIMIZATION”. Benefits include things like • Improved ACCURACY (90-95% of the time) • Phenomenal RELIABILITY (in ALL TEMPS & ENVIRONMENTS) • Super smooth action – great FEEL • Extended barrel life (up to 50-500%) • More FREE time (cuts cleaning time by 50-75%)

This kit is the best because it has everything you need to bring your guns up to the next level of performance and keep them there.

It is our #1 selling product.

What separates the chemistry in this kit from everything else on the market is that each product plays a key part in the “system.”

The “system” produces a significant number of unique and valuable benefits to users that no one else can replicate.

The cleaners are typically referred to by people in the industry as “the best they have ever used.” (Have you ever seen a gun cleaner remove Cosmoline? – ours does.)

Copper/Lead Destroyer™ is fantastic.

It might take a little longer in some cases but will not etch metal or etch the inside of your brain, like some copper removers can sadly do.

Crystal Clear™ is the favorite of many gunsmiths and armorers too – safe on optics with specialty coatings, slightly anti-fog and anti-static, and can be used to clean glasses, sun-glasses, smart phones, and the exterior of your firearms.

The Accuracy Oil™ and Accuracy Grease™ reduce friction by around 90% and protect the metal from wear, and give the metal a low-stick surface, usually getting the WOW factor.

10 reviews for Starter Kit

  1. Steven H. (verified owner)

    Has everything needed for cleaning, lubrication, and cleaning optics in one handy kit. Cleans up quickly with very little odor, and left my EDC pistol running smoother than before. A+ product!

    • modern spartan (store manager)

      thank you!

  2. Raif (verified owner)

  3. Scott B. (verified owner)

    Great product & excellent service

  4. Alex Taylor (verified owner)

  5. David T. (verified owner)

    Amazing kit! It has everything I need for cleaning and maintaining! This is a must for anyone who keeps their weapons in excellent condition.

  6. Sam (verified owner)

  7. Chad (verified owner)

    Cleaner than my gun was new!

  8. Bruce Kennedy (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved cleaning my Browning X-Bolt 30-06!! No Smell and no mess!!! Tell Marcus that I have some photos I would like to share with him about how the SPARTAN ACCURACY OIL improved my 5 shot grouping. DRAMATIC CHANGE!!

  9. John Hester (verified owner)

    Top notch products and fast shipping.

  10. Mac Brackenrich (verified owner)

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